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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back from San Francisco!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a fabulous valentine's day with your sweetie. Here's my sweetie (yes, I'm the crazy cat lady!):
I am back from a long weekend in San Francisco and it was great to see friends and family.

There was an Ann Taylor store near our hotel and we decided to take a look around the store. In my eyes, Ann Taylor has always been the "skinny girls" store... Seriously, take a look at the stick insect-like models on the WEBSITE. Just sayin'...

Anyways, I went in and tried on a few things....and.the.clothes.actually.fit. Size XL of course, but they fit! hah!

NSV! I got one top for work and one for going out...


  1. doing great lady ! Congrats on the Ann Taylor expereince ! It's funny I feel the same way about that store. It's one of my goal rewards !!

  2. Sounds like fun!

    Love the tops :)

    I will be in Vegas so won't see you guys next week at support group.

    Is that last pic of a hotel room? Looks like the Hotel Kabuki in Japan town, SF

  3. PS your new progress photo ROCKS!

  4. LOVE Ann Taylor!! Great tops. Your progress photo is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Awesome, looking good :)

  6. glad you had a good trip and love the shirts you got

  7. OOOh I love your progress pic you look very pretty in it. the new clothes you got are very nice!! well done!

  8. LOVE Ann Taylor. Used to shop there for work clothes back in the day. Sigh. CONGRATS on your hot new threads. Enjoy them!