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Friday, February 5, 2010

Sisterhood of the traveling.....BEAR!

I am offering up this Bari Buddy bear for a pre-op out there...
He's not squishy, but rather hard. He's a special "Bariatric Surgery Bear". About 15" tall....

In the days after surgery if you need to get up from bed, a chair, cough, sneeze, etc, you hold him firmly against your tummy area. It makes it hurt WAY less.

Just respond to this post with a comment and he's yours. I will UPS him to you. I just ask that you pass him along to another pre-op when you're "done" with him...LOL


  1. That's so cute!! ;-) Love it!!

  2. btw I don't need it but I love it! What a great ideal!!

  3. I don't need it either, but I think the idea is fantastic!! That is so kind of you to do this, & if I was still pre-op, I would have definitely asked for it. Someone pre-op will be really lucky to get it!

  4. Well I am pre-op booked for Next month yay yay...!!! but maybe Austraila is a little to far to send it! Wow that would be the global travling bear!!

  5. What a sweet idea! Love it.

  6. i am pre op as well the operation is on feb 22nd. and i think this is a great idea!!! i am not sure you would be able to ship it to ireland though. but if yes i would love to have it until i can pass it on myself :)

  7. So cute & a very nice jesture :)

  8. I dont know if you have found someone to send it to, but I am 5 weeks and 5 days pre op. My husband is 7 weeks 5 days pre op! We are in VA (just in case) this is a wonderful idea! My parents had to use "couch" pillows. Thos would be so much better!


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