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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Letter From My Former Fat Self: You are Officially Ridiculous

Dear Skinny Bitch (that's ME...well, it's what Siri in my iPhone calls me anyway),

What is it about taking a trip that turns you into a reeedonkulous donut-eating, cookie-muchin', Mexican taco-shoveling-in-the-face beast?

The moment that you leave your routine and every day life you don't just fall of the bandwagon, you fling yourself off the back of that wagon. Hard.

And this wasn't even a trip for vacation. It was for business.  Ya know: WORK.
Sure, I know that you got to experience one of your favorite non-scale victories (fitting in the airplane seat, crossing your legs, AND having tons of seatbelt left), but that doesn't mean you get to eat three packages of biscotti while sitting in that seat.
What's this I hear about you not having exercised now for an entire week? What up with that?

Was making time to watch the Bachelorette while eating an ice cream sandwich in your PJs in bed instead of heading downstairs to the hotel gym a wise decision?  WTF.

It's time to regroup, Skinny Bitch.

The journey back to fatty town is a slippery slope.

Tonight you will let Jillian Michaels kick your booty back into that exercise routine.

30 Day Shred DVD is just hours away. It will happen.

Remember how you promised me that you wouldn't forget what it feels like to be a fatty?

Here's your wake up call: you're starting to forget.

It's time to remember.

It's time to wipe that smile off of your face and get back on track.


The 258 lb Fatty From Your Not So Distant Past. 


  1. You're only human so don't be super hard on yourself. But I like this; I think it's a good motivation tool. Keep reminding yourself where you've been & what it took to get there.
    Food is a terrible addiction; it's not like we can quit "cold turkey". Kind of like breathing, ya gotta do it.

  2. I love this post!!! My former fat self needs to talk to me about the cookies I just ate!! "WTF, skinny Catherine... you have a WEDDING DRESS to fit in in 10 days for crying out loud!!"

  3. Thank you for keeping it real and letting me see that you are sometimes not perfect too!!!

  4. I've been reading you on bloglovin. This was a fun post:)

  5. PERFECT! Believe it or not my inner skinny self calls herself skinny bitch too! ;) I need my Fatty McFatster self to say those things NOW when I'm only 25 pounds down! Skinny bitch needs to remind me how quickly I can sabotage myself.

  6. I am officially, ridiculously jealous that you flew on a private jet...LOL What is it about traveling (be it for business or pleasure) that makes us totally change into the "vacation mentality". Like suddenly, it's ok to drink 4 Pina Coladas that are 950 calories each. We wouldn't do it at home, but somehow we could rationalize it away because "I'm on vacation". That is my hardest issue..