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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wanna Win a $100 Gift Card?

You know that you do.

Don't deny it.

Here's how:

There's a new online survey* for weight loss bloggers.

It's being conducted by a bunch of fancy schmancy professors at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

I emailed one of the professors to make sure it's a legit survey. And it is.  

Here's an excerpt from the email I received from the professor:

"We are trying to understand what bloggers get out of blogging about their weight loss journey and what readers get out of reading those blogs---including what elements of weight loss blogs do they find most/least helpful to their own weight loss journeys.  I haven’t seen any research on weight loss blogging, but it appears that many people do this (and many people enjoy following these blogs) so I’m curious to study blogging to find out what the benefits are and if there is some way that blogging might be leveraged in formal behavioral weight loss programs. We plan to publish the findings and we think the findings will be of interest to bloggers and non-bloggers who are trying to lose weight." 

Therefore, if you have a weight loss blog, please cruise on over to the survey. Participants are entered to win a $100 gift card to a store of their choosing:

Survey is located HERE.

*I am not affiliated AT ALL or in ANY WAY with this organization or survey. I just think it's awesome-sauce. Participate. Don't participate. Whatevs.


  1. Thanks...I just took the survery (and mentioned you as one of the blogs I follow:)

  2. Thanks for posting! I'm not sure we are fancy schmancy but we are really interested in bloggers! :)


  3. Thanks for posting this. : ) I'll head over now.

  4. I took the survey! They made you work for it, but some of the questions were very interesting. (Some were just redundant.) Thanks for posting!

  5. Thanks for the info, I checked it out too.

  6. I just took the survey! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  7. I also did it. I hope they get some good feedback!

  8. Just finished the survey. Thanks for the link to take it. And I love participating in surveys like that too.