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Friday, November 16, 2012

Weigh-in Day & Post-Move Assessment


That's what she said.  A "post-move assessment."

Sounds like a phrase that would appear on a Bullsh*t Bingo card.

My faves are "synergy" and "touch-base." But really...there are so many good ones!


Let's recap all that has gone down in my life in the last three months:
  • I went through many, many job interviews...phone interviews, in-person interviews...even twelve in one day.  Seriously.
  • I accepted a new job in California.
  • I quit my job in Oregon.
  • I hunted for a new place to live in California.
  • I packed up my house in Oregon (ok, so maybe the movers kinda did this). Just so you know, supervising and delegating burn tons of calories. 
  • I lived in a hotel room for about two weeks.  With a cat.
  • I unpacked the entire contents of my house at my new place in California.
  • I started my new job in California.
As they say, moving and changing jobs are among the top five stressful things that can happen in one's life.

Yep, lots of stress.

But it's all good stress...I suppose.

And lots of chances to turn to stress-eating. 

Of course, I did stress-eat on occasion, but more often than not, I stayed on track with my food choices.

I've also had lots of opportunities to not make exercise a priority. 

But I've been rockin' 4 or 5 Zumba and Zumba Toning classes each week. That's 240-300 mins of fitness each week.  

When I stood on the scale three months ago it read: 139.8 lbs

This week's weigh-in: 141.4 lbs

My weight has pretty much remained in the 138 lbs -- 142 lbs range for the last three months.

Still below by goal weight of 145 lbs.

Let's high-five, right?

Rainbows and butterflies and puffy sparkly hearts all around, right?

Ummm...OK...I guess that I should be happy about that accomplishment.

But in case you didn't know, it's not all about what the scale shows.

It's not always about my actual weight.

Without Jazzercise in my life, there is less strength-training and more cardio goin' on.

Therefore, my size 6 pants and jeans are fitting a little snugger and tighter than I would like.

So what's a girl to do?

Get back into more strength-training.

Anyone have the Jazzercise DVDs?  Are they any good?

Or maybe I'll explore the exercise classes options in the On Demand section of my cable TV.

I'm thinking that I should take measurements.  Just the hips and waist.

Ya know...the bits that I actually care about I guess.

As long as I make the process and game-plan as user-friendly as possible and find that I can meet my goals at the end of the day, then the bottom line is that my pants will fit much better.



  1. I think you have done AMAZING giving the circumstances...look how far you've come!!!!

  2. I LOVE my strength training days!!! I would lift 5 days, but there is that little obstacle in my life ....

    silly job!! LOL

  3. wow..never really put it all together but man you have gone thru a ton in 3 months...good for you for keeping it together

  4. I *totally* internet high fived you. :-)

  5. I think I gained weight just reading about your stressful stuff. :) Good job in staying below goal, and I hope you find something to help replace the jazzercise.

  6. Internet high-five from me, too!

    Your greatest strength seems to be your consistency and dedication - you really don't let stress or amazingly busy times get in the way of your success.

    Bottom line: What a great role model for reaching out to achieve lapband best practices, 24/7, and providing value-add for your fellow bandsters! (CAN I GET A 'BINGO' HERE?!?)

  7. Awesomeness in the highest degree!
    I know how stressful a move like that can be and living with pets during that only seems to make it worse...lol they sure complain a lot :)

    Total high five!!

  8. I love that you are fearless!


  9. Thanks for checking in with me! I'm so glad you have written this all out, I was wondering how life was for you with your recent move. I'm glad to hear you are still getting in all your exercise each week and keeping your food choices reasonable as well. Thanks for the update!