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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Suck. It. In.

What's my plan to NOT overeat on Thanksgiving Day?

I'm going to wear my skinny jeans.

Muffin top and all.

...And not the stretchy kinda skinny jeans that feel like spandex.

I'm talkin' about those jeans that I never wear that are hanging in the waaaaaayyyyy back of the closet.

With minimal stretch to them.

The ones where I fold up my loose belly skin and stuff those skin folds into the waist band.

A tourniquet.

Good times.

Wish me luck.


  1. Great plan (...searching for some tight pants in my closet now....)

  2. lol!!! I was going to do it as well!!! no sweats this year for me!

  3. It really does work, especially when you don't allow yourself to unzip or unbutton no matter what. Have a great Thanksgiving. :)

  4. Yeah!!! Skinny jeans. Good idea.

  5. oooh... Great idea. Do I even own skinny jeans.. hmmmm. maybe I'll buy a pair, then wash them.. That might do the trick.

  6. Good plan. I like it! Lol