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Saturday, September 22, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Do you see it?

Can you guess what is so, so incredibly wrong with this picture?
Like my new jacket?
This is me at my neighborhood Target store last night.

Nothing crazy about that.

But what is crazy is that I fit into a GIRLS XL jacket.

As in, little girls....as is CHILD SIZES.


Yep, on a whim I wandered over into a clothing department that I should not fit into as a grown adult female.

My hips and bra band both measure 36".  This is not what I consider a kids' measurements.

Is the childhood obesity in America causing clothes manufacturers to make bigger clothes to fit bigger sized kids?

This makes me sad.


  1. My little 5 foot tall, 110 pound daughter routinely buys jackets from the girl's section in stores. Otherwise the arms are way too long and they don't fit very well. I had not thought about the sizing being for the larger children. That is sad. :(

  2. I have noticed that the childrens sizes are bigger then they used to be.. I've also noticed womens clothes the same.. I do think it's say's a lot about the weight of this country and it's very sad..

    Nice jacket though!!

  3. I was just going to say its all the chunky little kids out there. It's really not their fault either.... Everything we eat is a damn mess and who wants to put their kid on a diet or hound them 24/7 about healthy. I don't envy parents today at all. Hardest job on earth for sure!

    But your cute as a button as usual.

  4. I shocked the hell out of my kids (and myself) at Justice when I tried on a pair of girls size 14 jeans and fit into them quite easily. The measurements are the same as a juniors size 7 or a misses size 6, just cut differently.

  5. and it's not at all tight on you. That is sad. I do believe they're making things bigger for kids because my kids pants ALWAYS have to be shortened by at least 4 inches and they are 'average' size. The jeans I bought them for school, which are their correct size, were long enough to fit my legs! I held them up to me and yup, they were my length. MY kids are 6 and 7, so what's wrong with that picture!

  6. Me too on the sadness on the childhood obesity...

  7. Ah, Christ. This makes me want to ban all junk food in my house for the rest of time.

  8. I have a daughter who is 11 years old. She is 5'3" and has a BMI of 22. She is not overweight, nor obese, but she is the size of many full-grown adult women. I worry because I know she isn't done growing yet, but honestly, she is taller than many many women.

    She can still sometimes wear an XL in the girls clothing but usually we just buy women's small or medium.

    I really don't know if this has to do with obesity in our country or not. But I know I have a little girl who could easily pass for 14, 15 or 16 (she wears a "B" cup in the bra also...yikes!) So maybe just maybe they are trying to accomodate children of many sizes.

  9. I forgot to be specific...my daughter is 11 years and 9 months old (she will turn 12 in 3 months)...

  10. I think kids haven't gotten larger...taller as well as bigger....I have one really skinny boy who can't find clothes because if they fit him in the legs they don't fit him in the waist...they don't make 26/32s...then I have a second son who is also tall but not tall enough for men's clothing, but is overweight 97th height, 97th in weight. He exercises daily, he only eats sugary snacks on special occasions and Saturday. We add fruits and veggies at every meal and only occasionally eat at fast food places (if we're eating on the run it's tokyo joes or subway)....we're now making his lunches to help minimize the processed foods he gets...as parents, a nurse, and someone who has been through it, it's hard to watch him, at 10, work so hard at this....to top it off, it's not just fat weight on him, he has broad strong arms and shoulders and powerful thighs (he's a swimmer)...also makes it hard to fit him into jeans...to fit on his thighs, means a bigger waist...I agree we need to do more as a nation for the sake of the health of our young. There are two recent studies out that show juices, sodas and sugary drinks increase the weight of children (about a 3-5 pound difference in six months). Unfortunately there are considerations to 'taxing' sodas like we do alcohol...one is will people choose to still buy the soda and spend less on healthy foods. Also there are few places for kids to safely play and get moving. With so many two income families, children don't have the time or place to play....with educational cuts many schools do not have sports or PE programs any more, or they're reduced....Sorry...this was my master's thesis...I so don't want kids to have to grow up feeling poorly about their body image...I would like it if they never got to the point that I did where surgery was an option...so it's important to me to help educate kids about food choices and exercise....and it's scary to see this epidemic happening.

  11. Yea, I think childhood obesity does play a part in it these days. The jacket is super cute though. So you will have to tell me what part of the Bay Area you are living in. All my family is there and I visit them a couple times a year. Maybe we could do lunch sometime when I visit...