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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Honeymoon (Again)

I've learned that there is a time for weight loss surgery patients that is lovingly referred to and nicknamed, "The Honeymoon Phase."  

I'm guessing this is the phase where all the compliments and comments about our weight loss are coming from everywhere and everyone.

I remember what that was like. 

It was fun.

But since I've been at my goal weight now for about 22 months, the comments and compliments ended long, long ago about my new appearance.  

And that's totally cool and OK with me, because I lost the weight for me and my health

The change in my shape and how I look is just the bonus (icing on the cake) in this journey.

I think I'm about to enter a second honeymoon phase (a rarity) because I'm moving back to an area where a lot of people remember me as being 258 lbs.

So, I'm starting to get texts and Facebook messages that look like this:
The honeymoon will start up again I suppose.

Perhaps this will motivate me to stay below my goal weight of 145 lbs?

I think that I'll also have to go through a few awkward moments when people don't recognize me.

Now that is a totally weird experience.

Fun, but weird.


  1. Sometimes you just wanna wear a before picture on ya t-shirt don't ya?

    1. Lol that would be so much fun!!


    2. Yes! I would dig a t-shirt like that! :)

  2. I think it sounds like a lot of fun surprising people with the "new" you. Keep us posted as we will enjoy the journey with you. :)

  3. Well that's definitely a motivator! lol

    I remember the honeymoon phase. And I'm having a second honeymoon with my recent recommitment to this journey. It feels good.

    So here's to your second honeymoon!


  4. You can't have enough Honeymoon's in my opinion!! That will be a fun and exciting experience for you..

  5. Enjoy that second honeymoon :D can't wait for my own thanks to your blog :D

  6. I think that is fabulous! I bet for sure it keeps you motivated.

  7. I'm betting this will be major motivation for you! I've had a couple people not recognize me and it's a very weird/good feeling. Definitely keeps me motivated though. I've noticed I get a little irritated with the people that are constantly mentioning my weight loss (esp since it's only been 9 months since my surgery) but new people it makes me feel good. Here's to honeymoons!!!

  8. That's great! It's nice you'll have that extra positive reinforcement while you make the initial adjustment and get you roots set with your Zumba and Jazzercize and whatever else you want to do - build up that local support. It's also nice a lot of your support is "cyber" so you won't lose it at all.

    Do you have a weight loss surgeon where you'll go for fill/unfill if you need it, or will you still go to Oregon?

  9. Hey, sometimes it's nice to have people not recognize you! lol (those times you are all raggedy and tore up walking around wallyworld lol)

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