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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Violent Volcano Alert!

Come gather 'round for today's little earth science lesson about why someone who lives in Oregon should have volcano insurance...

Did you know that Oregon rocks?


It really rocked like a  gajillion  7700 years ago when a volcano erupted and created this: Crater Lake

Yep, this is where I went this past Sunday....Volcano crater huntin'.  A.K.A Snowshoeing.  Unfortunately, no cocktails were served on this hunt.

When we first arrived there were a few "The Shining" flashbacks in my head.  The snow was 12-14 ft high!

So while I tried to stop repeating "red-rum" in my head, I put on my snowshoes and off we went into the wilds of Oregon.

But, my fears were quickly calmed because there was Ranger Mike to safely guide us on our two mile trek through the snow:
Ranger Mike showed us pictures of...birds.
Good times.  
By the way, Ranger Mike revealed to me that he was single and looking, so ladies...look no further than the wilds of Oregon.
Up lots of hills!
Even at 7000+ feet up, the altitude didn't really bother me and could easily keep up.  There's NO WAY I could have done that when I was 256 lbs.
Oh look! I found the crater!
So here's your quiz question for today's lesson:

What's wrong with this picture of my feet in those sexy snowshoes?
Yep, I took this photo AFTER we snowshoed for over TWO hours. 
My literacy skills amaze me sometimes.


  1. God that is sooo beautiful. I was supposed to go there when I was in Oregon... but we couldnt make it :(

  2. those pics are so pretty!

  3. That is an awesome place and I am thrilled that you were able to go! I bet you had the time of your life!!

  4. I am jealous. Very jealous. I grew up in in the Olympia, Wa area. I miss the mountains. I would kill to go show-shoeing. I am glad you had fun!

  5. The Shining was filmed at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood.

  6. I love snowshoeing!!! Beautiful pics and you look just great.

  7. I have been to Oregon soo many times but we never get to the snow. maybe next time??

  8. Looks like so much fun. Was it hard getting up there? I climbed Mt Vesuvius in Italy 8 years ago. It was SO hard and nowhere near as high or snowy.

  9. This pictures are making me miss the Rockies SO much!!
    I used to go on ski trips with my Dad out there. Talk about beautiful!

  10. What an awesome view! Lookin HOT while snow shoeing girl!

  11. That is SO COOL! I want to go snowshoeing. :-)