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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fluoroscopy Recap & My Weekend!

Here's a photo from my annual barium swallow/fluoroscopy that I had done on Friday afternoon.
No symptoms, but just a check-in to see how the band is doing. 

Per my Nurse Practitioner (Hi Reeger!), my band and restriction level both look great and there is NO esophageal dilation (stretching out of the stoma above the band...one of my biggest band fears).  

Everything looks just like it did last year and the year before.  The band is exactly where they left it when originally installed it in October 2009. Whew!

OK my video techy peeps: I have video of of the procedure which shows the barium going down and past the band.  How cool right?!  But it also has my full name on the video.  Not cool for the interwebs 'cuz I like to be kinda secret and be on the 'DL".  So, if you know how to blur a portion of a video in iMovie, then let me know.  Then I can share the video with you ALL.

Onwards to the weekend! 

We had a fabulous time wine tasting at a few different wineries in my area on Saturday.  Let's just say this girly can no longer hold her alcohol like she used to.  Maybe because I don't have that extra 115 lbs?  Hmmm...

We had a great dinner out on Saturday night and I even heard one of my favorite phrase from our waitress when she came to clear our plates at the end of the meal.  She took one look at the small amount of food that I ate and asked, "Did you not like it?"  When I hear a comment from a server like that, I always know that I've eaten a good bandster portion.

We also went hiking on Sunday!  

It was a 4 mile hike but the view at the top was worth it.  The awesome farmer burn that I'm now rocking on my arms: not worth it.  At least I remembered to put sunblock on my face and neck.
Made it to the top!


  1. Remember the sunblock next time, but be proud of that farmer burn on your arms, it means you were outside! How often did you get those burns when you were at your heaviest? So proud of you and that view is just gorg! Cannot wait to see your video, hope someone has some ideas for you to blur.

  2. What a beautiful view!!! Be ever so careful of those sunburns my dear, and I am so glad to hear all is well with your band!

  3. That view would totally be worth a hike! I really hope to see the video, the pic is pretty cool!!

  4. Glad everything is good with your band and you had a great weekend!

    Sorry I'm no help with the video blurring.

  5. Ha ha. I enlarged the photo and egads, there were little hooks in there. Then I realized it was your bra hooks. Whew. Though you had swallowed something. But you look,as goodie side as outside!

  6. I got that comment this weekend too! LOL I guess I did well!

  7. Great view! Look at the farmer's tan as a badge of honor for your hike.