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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Say Hello to Suzy

Check out this TV ad:

What a great reminder for me that one can lose their independence due to behavior choices.  No matter what those choices are.  

Specifically related to me: my choices of healthy food and making exercise a priority each day.

Wouldn't it be AWESOME if similar TV ads were made about obesity?


  1. I think so! It's still so tabu to talk about obesity. I mean, the namecalling and bullying is still very prevalent but also we as a society are sooooo touchy about obesity. People who are obese don't want anyone to talk about it whether it's namecalling or geniune concern or trying to help out. I can't tell you how many people I know who won't even go to the Dr. because last time the Dr. told them they were obese and needed to lose weight for their health. We need to stop brushing this under the rug and TALK about it. I'm no longer afraid to talk about my obesity. I'm fat. There, I said it. You can't hurt my feelings any more you know? Sorry for the ramble!

  2. If they made similar ads about obesity, all the HAES contingent would sue for slander.

  3. I saw a similar ad for smoking that had a woman showing how she gets made up for the day. I assume she had lung cancer treatment because she is bald and puts a wig on, then she puts in teeth, then she puts a plug in her neck at her stoma for her tracheotemy then ties a scarf over the plug. Her voice is also strange because of the trach. It's very sad, but if it makes people think about the harm from smoking, then it's effective. Obesity might be the same way. I know I probably would have hated it when I was obese though. Even seeing shows like the biggest loser doesn't motivate people to seek change, either through surgery or diet/exercise combination.

  4. I smoked until December 2010. I used to love it. I knew it was killing me but I was addicted to the nicotine and if I hadn't had a cigarette after a couple of hours I would start withdrawl symptoms. Smokers know it's bad for them. They know it causes lung cancer, heart disease, crappy skin, stained teeth and bad smells but essentially they are too addicted to worry about it.

    Nobody overweight doesn't know it's bad for them; that it too causes heart problems, a greater increase of cancer, diabetes, thyroid and blood pressure complications and doesn't look as nice. It's not that they don't know, it's that they need help. All these adverts do is make the people suffering feel rubbish, hopeless and lower their self esteem further. Instead of spending billions on an advertising campaign, they should put the same money into practical support for people quitting and losing weight.