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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who Pushes You?

Meet Julie.

Meet Julie's guns.

In honor of my one year Jazziversary (yeah, that's a word), I thought that I'd tell you all about my Jazzercise instructor, Julie, who's been motivating me to always push myself farther with my fitness levels.  She's been kickin' my ass up and down the dance floor three or four times a week for the past year.  She's also been doing Jazzercise for over 20 years now.  She must have started when she was 9.  Seriously.

A great instructor can be worth her weight in gold.  24 karat gold to be specific.  

An instructor can make it or break it for me.  I've had exercise class instructors in the past who have just been ok.  Nothin' special.  Ho hum.  I will then usually stop attending classes and my exercise slows down.  That's no good for this girly.

But then there's instructors who are freakin' A-MAY-ZING.  Julie is one of those people...genuine gold.  She tells us funny stories in class while we rock out doin' our jazz squares, lunges, and kick ball changes.  But of course I can't repeat any of those stories to you, because what happens at Jazzercise, stays at Jazzercise.

I've learned over the past 12 months that Julie's favorite's words are (by the way, these are usually shouted):
  • "Is your booty down?"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Lower!"
  • "Higher!"
  • "You gotta add your own little somethin' somethin'"
  • "Uppercut!"
  • "Put your booty down"
Yep, that's Julie in a nutshell.  Now that I think about it, she would fit in a nutshell.  She's 5'3" and teeny tiny.

So, I ask you...who pushes you in your weight loss journey?  I want to know.


  1. I totally agree the instructor is everything to a class. She sounds amazing!

  2. You are always so inspirational! As for who pushes me. I hate to say me but in some ways that is true.

    It's ultimately up to me to put myself in a good frame of mind and make good choices.

    But with that said, I get inspiration from people like you and the other BOOB bloggers. Reading something that someone else post and completely relating is so comforting.

  3. Julie's guns push me.

    And my boys always say, "Are you gonna exercise now?" LOL

  4. My trainer pushes more - during our sessions and when I'm on my own working out! She's reminds me "don't just let those weights fall!" "Fight gravity!" And I entertain her by laughing when something is too hard or saying "holy cow."

  5. I have to push myself. I don't have anyone else to push me. Robyn offers encouragement, but as far as making sure I get done what I need to do, it's all me. Somedays are better than others. Our Zumba instructor also pushes but she's also more than willing to let people take it down a notch. She never points someone out or embarrasses anyone. So again, even at Zumba, I have to be the one to kick it up a notch when I feel I'm coasting.

  6. The other ladies and gentlemen push me in my Zumba class. We feed off each other. If I had a bad day and am just not into it, I always stand next to one of the hoot and holler girls in hopes that their energy will inspire me and it almost always does.

  7. Great post! And I really am in the very beginning stages of being banded and not released to exercise yet. So really my motivation has been many of you amazing post banders who have made goal and continue to blog about your struggles, what is real, things that help and always a different perspective.

  8. My daughter pushes me and I push her. Neither one of us want to be the first one to cancel for the day!

  9. My trainer is starting to be that. I'm just getting started on this journey so right now its all the bloggers and their successes! I want to be like them SO much! I also push for my kids and my hubby! I just want to be the best that I can be for them!

  10. OMG...that is SO true! Thank goodness my BFF is an awesome instructor or I wouldn't be able to go to her classes. Ha! She is definitely one that pushes me along with our friend Lizard. Also, my CrossFit crew...the get me to do things I never imagined possible!

  11. My daughter. She takes food out of my hands, "don't eat that Mom" now her BF is starting also. My trainer .... He's a beast...lol

  12. I have gym buddies, and we all push each other. It is the best peer pressure:)

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