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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weather Forecast For Tonight: Dark.

So yesterday morning around 9am I was innocently eatin' my 2% Plain Fage Greek yogurt at my desk while working on the latest spreadsheet (like I always do) and bam! I noticed that the restriction fairy was visiting.  Big time. The yogurt was SLOWLY going down.

How odd.

On Sunday after lunch, I was actually thinking about how I needed to go get a fill.  'Cuz that's where my mind wanders after eating two slices of yummy cheese pizza. 

So, anyways, back to yesterday morning.  Hello restriction!  Where could this be coming from? 

Stress? Nope.  Time of the month? Nope.

And then it hit me.  Duh. 

I had driven in the darkness yesterday morning to work through the slushy snowy roads.  Yep, it had snowed. Not something that happens around here very often.  Once a year if we're lucky.  Nothing like cold snowy weather to get my band to tighten up.  Anybody else have this happen?

I think that the TV weather men could consult bandsters in their weather predictions.  Just sayin'.


  1. lol! that seems crazy to me....I have a plate and pin in my ankle and it starts to ache when it rains

  2. OMG, you are the 3rd person who has said they are super tight for no apparent reason this week, and I have been too! It's crazy because I had a HUGE un-fill a couple weeks ago and have been super loose ever since. Last night I couldn't eat my dinner, in fact some of it came back up.
    Must be the weather!

  3. Hope the tightness subsides quickly for you - does it tend to last until the weather warms up again, or will a warm drink like tea help sooner?

  4. Weird. Will you have to be adjusted always now that you are banded? Sorry non banded person asking here :p

  5. Yep. I almost scheduled a fill but then I tried to eat an english muffin with eggbeaters on it Saturday (my usual breakfast) - stuck on the first bite. Awhile later I tried Greek yogurt - slooooowly went down. For lunch I very slowly managed a small piece of fish but got stuck on the last bite. Then I got stuck on my breakfast yesterday. Lunch too. No PB's or anything, just the "golf ball in the chest" feeling. It's not COLD cold here (60's during the day, 40's at night) but way colder than it has been.

  6. So no snowy ski holidays in bandster futures I'd guess. Not experienced this one myself yet but still getting to the 'green zone' Does extreme heat affect it too?

  7. Interesting that you're tighter due to weather! I don't think I've expereienced that yet, or if I have, I hadn't paid attention. I have been feeling much tighter these days but was chaulking it up to my fill about a month ago. : ) Perhaps it has been because it was so darn cold here lately!

  8. I am super duper tight, and I have no reason to be. But hey it is cold and we have had snow, so maybe you are on to something here my dear!


  9. Answers to your questions:

    If the weather warms up it totally goes away and it's A-OK, but if it gets too hot (like 90+ F) then it tightens up again.

    Hot beverages don't really help it loosen up (at least for me).

  10. It's funny how fickle our bands can be due to many reason's! Mine is just the same, runs like a tight ship lately and I too was thinking of getting a fill...might have to wait on that one!

  11. The people (non-banded) that I associate with think I'm nuts blaming it on the weather, but I KNOW that is it. I've been in the magical green zone and now I'm super-duper tight because the weather has turned colder! :)

  12. well, I live in Canada and I am being banded on Feb 24th! does this mean I am going to have this problem half of the year? I am scared now!

    1. Good news! The lap band is adjustable :) no panic needed.

  13. I need the restriction fairy to come visit me. LOL

    Put down the toast, Ronnie!