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Monday, February 13, 2012

Give More, Expect Less...

Remember this post where I was inspired by Shelly over at The World According to Eggface?  

Shelly donated one food item for each pound that she had lost in her weight loss journey.

Well, after lots of coupon clipping and hunting down sales flyers at my local grocery stores, I finally gathered all 114+ non-perishable food items to represent the 114 pounds that I have lost.

Here I am just before dropping it all off at my local food bank:

It felt great to give back to my local community and knew that the food would go to such a great cause.

I would like to give special thanks and a shout out to Peace, Love, and Coupons.  They're my go-to coupon source. I puffy heart that blog!


  1. I'm incredibly inspired by not only your loss, but also your civic mind. Thanks for being a continued source of inspiration.

  2. I love this idea. I am an avid couponer -- and one of the reasons is for the sole purpose of giving. I hope this becomes a "thing". At first I thought I might wait till goal -- but now I think I may do this when I reach 100lbs lost.

  3. This was an awesome idea! What a great way to give back.

  4. Thanks for sharing the coupon website. Some great links. Loved the ziplist and recipes. Way to go on the food donation! Your loss is someone else's gain! :)

  5. What a fantastic idea and such a good cause too.

  6. I love it, and I am inspired by how much stuff fit into your trunk. :) It looks to be overflowing.

  7. Way to go! What a great way to pay it forward. You are a continual inspiration.

  8. I love this idea! I read the same article on Eggface and she inspires me every day as do you! Congrats on the +114 pound weight loss and even more so by keeping it off daily!

  9. What a great idea to have come across :o) certainly is a good deed!!

  10. What a beautiful post, What a beautiful picture and what an incredible idea! I love it!! Great deed and very rewarding!

  11. I'm a big couponer also. I think it's great that you will be helping so many people. Awesome idea.

  12. This is so awesome! What a great idea!

  13. Here are my go-to coupon places:
    Hunt 4 Freebies
    Krazy Coupon Lady

    I get two papers per week, but with only one person in my household, I don't use them all. I like to buy health/beauty stuff.

    Love your idea!

  14. I love this post - I think this is an awesome way to celebrate your success.

    ps. Im going to totally copy this idea when I reach my goal.

    I am thankful to have found your blog you are a true mentor. Thank you for sharing your journey.


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