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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do You Still Have Leftovers From Thanksgiving?

Yeah, me too.

One of the major ways that I stay on track with my eating choices is to keep what's in my refrigerator and kitchen cabinets very boring with healthy food choices. 

I make sure that there are no tempting foods lurking in my kitchen.  That way, if I am having a moment of weakness, there is nothing hanging around in the kitchen calling my name.  I drive over to Dairy Queen or Taco Bell for those special moments.

But seriously, in the past two years I have finally taught myself to throw away food (or pawn it off onto friends).

Yes, I chuck that food out. 

With no regrets.

Of course, I know that there are starving and hungry people around the world who could use that food.

It can be confusing sometimes to live in a culture of so much abundance of food while others are suffering of malnutrition and starvation.

I have learned that me cramming my pie hole with bad food choices because "I don't want it to go bad" or "waste it" does not help ANYONE, not even the world's hungry.  It's not like I'm going to FedEx my turkey and stuffing to the starving people of Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Seriously.

Therefore, I like to think of this little nugget of wisdom that Stephanie, Electric Lady Band told me in Chicago: "You can put it in the garbage now; or eat it and put it in the toilet later." 

Enough said.


  1. You can either put it in your waste or on your waist...

    Yes, that used to be a big dilemma for me too - especially if it was something special you only make once in every blue moon. But I'm getting tougher now - and my and hubby's work colleagues enjoy much more of my baked delights. They really don't mind.

    And I make regular donations to Save the Children - that helps with the occasional guilt of throwing perfectly good food away.

  2. I also now send baked goods to my husband's work and always give guests doggy bags:)

  3. Yep! I love that saying. A band nurse I know told me that one. Disgusting? Yes. But it sticks with you and it's stopped me from wasting food by eating it. Extra food, more than your body needs, IS wasting it. Well...I'm off for a run. A very smart lady told me that exercise is the secret and this darned band refuses to get up and go to the gym on her own so I guess I'd better go along. If only it was the easy way out. :-)

  4. Good advice! I've learned to do this too. If we have people over I try to make sure they all take the leftovers home with them and throw away the rest.

  5. I throw it away too... I am kind of glad that I didnt cook dinner myself or I would prolly still be eating it.

  6. I threw all of my leftovers out last night...it was just too tempting to grab a bite here or there (and those bites add up!).

  7. Very good thoughts. Seriously it is a shame that we do have so much leftover and that some of it goes to waste, but as you said, your leftovers aren't going to be mailed off to some village. Better to toss it in the trash then to "waist" it. : )

    Hope you had a lovely holiday.

  8. I have BIG issues with this because I am miss frugal frannie.... thank goodness I have two boys in my house that eat like pigs... but it doesn't make it any easier for me when it's still sitting around in my fridge till they eat it all!!

  9. We planned it so that we had almost no leftovers. There was just me and my daughter so it made it easier. After making a casserole with leftover turkey last night, I'm almost to bare bones on the turkey breast. I'm going to make some turkey soup and that will take care of the leftovers.

  10. LOL I love it! I plan on using it!

    I have never been a leftover person ever. So that is not a problem for me. However, keeping stuff around for others who live with me can be. I love having to drive to get something if you really want it. It is a great concept!

  11. I didn't over do this year so we had very few left overs. I actually threw away the huge Costco pumpkin pie so we wouldn't be tempted to keep eating it.

  12. Ha, I do that too! My pantry is pretty boring by most people's standards, even mine. But that just means I'm more likely to be actually hungry when I reach for something. Why would I splurge on shrimp, haha!