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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Confession Time...

Is it the Maltodextrin?

Perhaps it's the sugar?

Or maybe it's the cocoa powder? 

Yep, it MUST be the cocoa powder.  As you know, chocolate makes everything better.

Who knew that all of these things are in Taco Bell Meat Filling.   Yum.

Here's the ingredient label as proof:
So, ummmmm....about that confession...

Are you ready for it?  Can you handle it?

Here goes:

I eat a Nachos Bell Grande from Taco Bell about two to three times a week. Seriously.  I eat the whole thing each and every time.

Sshhhh...it's our little secret.

I know that the nachos are about 800 calories (depending if Paco working behind the counter gets too eager with the heaping servings sour cream and fake fluorescent orange cheese sauce).

Good thing I workout like crazy to cancel out all those extra calories.


  1. Haven't ever had one of these. Sounds interesting. I'd have to drive 50 miles to get one though so guess not today. Plus since I'm not near goal yet I best wait. Take care and have a blessed day!!

  2. I had one of those about 20 years ago when my kids were little. If I go to Taco Bell, and I rarely do, I will get a bean burrito with lots of hot sauce. The last time was at least a year ago and I got horrible heartburn and have not been tempted to go back. If it works for you, yea! :)

  3. You puffy heart you some Taco Bell... I cant eat it, it makes me sick :(

  4. I had taco bell last week. I had the pintos and beans and some cinnamon twists.

  5. Wait... did I just read "depending if Paco working behind the counter"?

    Everyone who works at my local Taco Bell is about as Hispanic as Mitt Romney.

  6. They are awesome. Just goes to show how awesome you are at your workouts, cause you still look great.

  7. This post brings about a lot of emotions for me. Several months ago you did a post about support group and talked about what you eat. The support group leader pointed out that you were in maintenance so it was okay. So I guess it is okay for you to have taco bell 2 to 3 times a week.

    But it is not okay for people like me who are not at goal. I struggle everyday with trying to create a healthy lifestyle. EVERYDAY!!! Even when I am exercising regularly the weight does not just fall off. I do not eat fast food often...Maybe twice a month...I eat bandster portions...I do have a thing for cookies and snack cakes...but other than that I try very hard to stay on task.

    When I read your blog as someone who is struggling I think well if LBG can eat crap and lose I can too. That's just not the case.

    Your weight loss success should be applauded. However, for all the newbies or strugglers who read your blog maybe you could note that your results are not typical.

  8. I looooove Taco Bell. I know it's terrible and disgusting but I DO. Especially the fluorescent cheese sauce. My more likely meal is a taco and a side of pintos and cheese (340 calories, still no bargain calorically but it satisfies the craving) with lots of hot sauce.