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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Can I Ask You a Really Random Question?

I can't believe that I've never asked any of my fellow bandsters about this...

Ever since I've been banded I've been much more prone to motion sickness. 

Before banding, I had no problem with it.  Planes, trains, cars, boats, etc...no problem at all.  Very rarely would I have an issue, unless I was on a cruise ship in really choppy/rough seas would I consider taking a Dramamine or Bonine.

Now? Sigh... It seems to happen more often now that I'm banded.  Heaven forbid I look down at my phone while I'm a passenger in a car or read a map. I'll get so queasy. I have to look out the window.  So now, I always keep Bonine and/or Zofran in my purse just in case.  And sometimes that doesn't even help.

It can be a quick 10 minute car ride in town or a plane ride across the country, I can sometimes get queasy.

I wonder if this increase in motion sickness has to do with my stomach is often empty?  But wait, isn't motion sickness an inner-ear thing?  Who knows?

Have you had this problem?  Any advice?


  1. I've never had this problem, but would you consider trying the wrist magnets for motion sickness? Some of my friends swear by them, though I have no clue how they work!

  2. I have had motion sickness since I was a little girl. Sorry I am no help here.

    I honestly would not understand the biological reason for the band causing your motion sickness however.

    Have you had your ears looked at? Could it be a Vertigo or perhaps you are having issues with fluid backing up when you lie down at night.

    I don't know, I have heard some say that they have ear issues with their bands, but I believe that is because they are too tight.

    Hope you get some relief and some answers however.

  3. I am not banded, and don't suffer from this, but I know TONS of non-surgically-altered women who suffer with this. When friends started talking about it I thought it was a random thing, and the more I've heard about it the more I think I'm in the minority for NOT having this issue. Weird that it didn't happen before you were banded. I would bring it up with your dr. to see if there is a correlation.

  4. I have always had motion sickness issues however this past weekend I was on a commuter train and became very sick very quickly and have been noticing that I am getting sick quicker and easier since my surgery. I am not sure if or what my surgery has to do with me getting motion sick quicker, but it wouldn't surprise me. Thanks for asking and let me know if you come up with anything. Oh and good luck.

  5. Interesting... never noticed this but I do think back to that Lil Wayne concert I attended in September. I felt so sick, I had to leave early. I had this major headache and then nausea mainly when standing up. Or it could be a side thing... I used to be able to handle concerts easily. As for motion sickness... never really noticed anything yet.

  6. I have a horrible problem with motion sickness. It has improved a little with weightloss but I developed it after a flu several years ago. Have you had a cold or flu recently? Especially right around the time you noticed the increased motion sickness? I had a doctor say there is a virus or something that can mess up your inner ear, balance and therefore motion sickness.

    My daughter swears by dramamine but she also spends a lot of time passed out in the back seat on our vacations :). I skip the pills and keep my head forward and stop for map reading.


  7. I've never had motion sickness until the past year or so and I do attribute it to the band. It's mild and I only notice it when I'm a passenger in my husbands car. I have no advice, but I'm glad I'm not alone.

  8. I get motion sickness if I read in the car, but it hasn't seemed to change since I had my surgery. What has changed though is how often my nose runs -- weird!!

  9. I've noticed this! Before banding, I was like you--no amount of motion could make me sick. I was as sturdy as a rock! But these days...ugh, yeah, I can get a little queasy. But it hasn't gotten so bad (yet) that I need to take a pill for it. But yes, I've noticed a recognizable difference!

  10. I often get motion sick while reading in the car. Even my phone. I have never been able to actually read a book. I haven't noticed any change since banding.

  11. I have wore a transderm patch behind my ear since I have been banded in March 2011. My doctor says it is a vagal nerve stimulation. He doesn't provide more information than that. Sorry, I guess I will be wearing a patch until something better comes along.

  12. YES. I have had motion sickness for the very first time in my life since being banded. Riding the spinning swings made me a bit queasy. Flying too. I find that S-L-O-W-L-Y munching on something salty/carby like pretzels or crackers - tiny nibbles - helps a lot. That's what I did on the cruise ship - ate a couple of pretzel chips an hour for the first day until I felt better. I never got SICK sick and never threw up, but just felt a tiny bit queasy.

  13. Interesting. I've always struggled with motion sickness so I haven't really noticed a difference since being banded.