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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Water weight....still

Umm, yeah, those extra pounds of water weight as a result of going off my high BP med HCTZ is STILL HERE.

I have been drinking lots of water (100 oz +) per day to try and counteract it.

So, when is it going to go away? This may be my first weigh in on Friday with a GAIN.

I keep reminding myself how very happy I am to be taking just 1, yes ONE pill a day (BCP) and nothing else (except vitamins, of course)!


  1. Have you tried drinking decaf tea? I've always had good luck with reducing water weight by adding a glass or two. (Hot or Iced)

  2. Good for you - looking on the bright side. And you know it WILL go eventually - the water weight that is xx

  3. I'm a MAD tea drinker and I do think it helps. It really is awesome, though, that you've gone off almost all your meds. Great work!

  4. There are foods that are natural diuretics. Asparagus is one. Just google it, I'm sure you'll find more than you wanted.

  5. No Meds, thats great, I cant wait glad to have the heads up on water wt gain.

  6. Sorry you still have the water weight. Hope you are peeing like a horse soon.