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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Clothes for the Sisterhood! *updated*

Happy Saturday!

I have been cleaning out the closet this morning and have all kinds of clothes to pass along to the sisterhood. I even got to "play Jared" from Subway trying on my size 24 shorts! They are falling off of me.

If interested, please comment on which item(s) you want and then also email me at lapbandgal@yahoo.com with your mailing address.

#1> LB Navy Suit: Pants size: 22 petite Jacket size:20
PS: this is an awesome interview suit
#2> Black Suit: Jacket Size: 22W Knee Length Skirt size: 22W TAKEN
#3> Classic Red 3/4 sleeve cardigan. It is real true fire engine red, this photo is off. Size: 18/20 TAKEN
#4> Black/White Twinset, size: 2x TAKEN
#5> Black/White Short-sleeve top. Size: 1x TAKEN
#6> Pink tank (sweater material) w/ sequins: size: 3x TAKEN
#7> Black/light pink pattern tanktop (layered look), size: 3x TAKEN
#8> Blue shiny button up/short sleeve, size: 1x TAKEN
#9> 2 LB Camis, size: 18/20 TAKEN
#10> LB Slacks, never worn, size: 18 TAKEN

#11> LB MAROON red (bad photo) top, size:22/24 TAKEN
#12> 3 v-neck T-shirts, size: 18/20 TAKEN

#13> LB White blouse, size: 18/20 TAKEN
#14> Light Blue Blouse, size: 2x TAKEN

#15> 6 A-line knee length skirts, sizes 20, 22 TAKEN
-brown courderoy
-lilac purple
-black w/ blue pattern


  1. AnonymousMay 08, 2010

    Wow, that's really kind of you! I'm emailing now.

  2. This is cool... Do you pay the shipping?? or does the person requesting the clothes pay it? I want to do something like this. --H

  3. Yep, I usually pay for the shipping, you should pass along your clothes too, it's saved us all on having to buy new clothes.

  4. I got my package and everything fit perfectly! Thank you soooo much!!