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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pain in the Ass!

Perhaps this is just part of the journey.....my tailbone hurts when I sit longer than about an hour....in a chair!....ugh! No way I could sit on the floor....

Maybe there is less "padding" on my booty than before? Anyone else have this issue?
PS: Weigh in tomorrow!


  1. I am dealing with this in my hips! I am a side sleeper and in the past month have really felt a lot of pain. It goes away when I get moving.
    I'm going to get a thicker mattress pad and see if it helps.
    Sorry for your pain :/

  2. I totally get this too - I can't sit on my comfy lounge for hours at a time like I used to - my bum gets sore!! Score one for us skinny bums!

  3. I still have junk in the trunk... but I do notice I get cold easier. Your pain is a good pain to have, right? Keep up the good work!