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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I have chosen my "word"

I see that lots of you bandsters are choosing a word for 2010 that will help in the weight loss journey.

I have chosen the word CHOICE.

I have a CHOICE about when, where, and how often I exercise.

I have a CHOICE about whether I track my calories and protein intake.

I have a CHOICE on what foods I eat.

The band does not make CHOICES - I make the CHOICE to do what I have to do to be a success!

PS: on the exercise front: I walked 1.5 miles around my neighborhood today, yay!


  1. "Choice" is an excellent word. You can choose to succeed and you will. Wishing you many excellent choices in 2010!

  2. Great word!! Love it!! ;-)

  3. I too love your word! And congratulations on walking the 1.5 miles.

  4. Great Choice :) (ok I know kinda lame pun)!!

  5. Isn't it great that we have choices? Choosing the band and losing weight makes it possible to make choices I never would have been able to previously. Great word, and I can't wait to read more this year.


  6. Brill word!! Love the banner too (How did you do that? lol I did focus for mine and even that was a drama with no moving bits!!)

    It's your choice to get down to business and that's just what you're doing. 2010 is going to be your year!!!!!!

  7. I like your word! Great post!