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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 Month Bandiversary and a very unscientific theory!

It has been exactly 3 months since my surgery on October 20. Wow, the time has really flown by.

Anyways, I have a theory about low barometric pressure and the band. Yes, I know, how silly....

Today I noticed the band was extra tight, no issues eating my usuals, just a bit snug. The tightness was so sudden that I racked my brain all day of my known tighteners of my band....stress...nope....time of the month...nope. I even rescheduled my fill I had scheduled for this Friday to two weeks later (early Feb).

Then my assistant at work announced this afternoon that today we hit a record low in barometric pressure in our town. (Random, I know, she's into the weather).

So that's my theory. Any local bandsters notice their band is tighter?

Low Barometric Pressure = Tighter Band ??


  1. I do! And if I go from the house with the wood stove going to the barn where it is freaking cold... clamp! I am shut down for a good hour unless I get the hot fluids going.
    In the summer when I had my surgery the opposite made me tighter... if I would get into my car and blast the air going after lunch or something... I would get tighter.
    Today I was able to eat some sushi, 3 pieces of California roll and two tempura shrimp but that is it...still feel full and that was at noon.
    It is so cold and windy up here on Sexton...How is the Valley today?

    Happy Three Month Bandaversary!!!

  2. It's pretty windy/cold-ish here in the valley. Thanks for confirming my theory! :)

  3. Happy 3 Month Bandiversary! I don't have enough Restriction to be able to notice anything like change in pressure vs band. Give it time & I am sure I will!

  4. I notice my band gets tighter when i drink cold water from the fridge! It's summer here right now, so can't test the outside temperature theory but will keep this mind when we hit winter.

    Happy 3 months to you!! Nice work, sunshine.

  5. Many congrats on your 50lbs loss, and your 3-month bandiversary.

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog - nice to know people are looking in on me!

    What about flying and having a band? do people say that being on an airplane makes a difference, because there's a huge pressure change then, isn't there?