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Monday, July 9, 2012

Road Trips Aren't Measured By Mile Markers, But By Moments

I'm back!  Did ya miss me?

Where did I go?

I'm back from a sister-togetherness road trip extravaganza from Orlando, Florida to Sanibel Island, Florida!
You Be Thelma. I'll Be Louise...
But before I can road trip it to the beach, I must spray tan...and then cover it all up with super-thick SPF 70 sunblock.

I have never possessed the ability to tan.

I'm very skilled at achieving either super-pale or burnt red...so in my mind, spray tan is the best thing ever invented (of course, after the best invention ever : cake).

If you're in the Central Florida area and need to get your spray tan on, check out Infinite Glow Mobile Tanning. They do an AMAY-ZING job!

The BEFORE. Duh.  So pale, that I'm almost see-through:

The AFTER. Repeat after me: "there is no such thing as too much sunblock."

Let's hit the road!

Are we there yet?
Our very detailed directions on how to get to Sanibel Island.
This is my super-serious pumping gas and a credit card stuffed down the bra face.
Us Oregonians never get to pump our own gas. I never miss an opportunity.
OOOH! Look! Middle of nowhere B.F.E. Florida.
The best thing about B.F.E. Florida?
Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie at Wheelers Cafe!
I spot Sanibel Island!
Almost there...
Home sweet home for the next few days...
View from our room....
Sunshine! Light! Warmth!
They should truck this sh*t to Oregon.
Let's get beach-ready with some bikini shopping (another first for me!)  Which one did I choose?
top too big.  adorbs skirt.
love this color.
lace and flirty skirt.
Too much to consider...so many choices...let's go have a cocktail and give it a think.
Let's all sing it together now:
"I like Pina Coladas
and getting caught in the rain..."
Yep, chose the Betsey Johnson blue skirt bikini.
Shade is my friend.

The newbies are always asking...
can I see my port now that I've lost the weight?
I can't see my port. Can you?
But I'll let ya feel my port any time. 'Cuz I'm naughty like that.

So many shells on the beach!
I felt like I was in a craft store where everything was FREE.
How about a future blog post on what I made with
my bucket o' shells that I brought home?

...each holding our copies of "Fifty Shades of Grey"at sunset.
According to my older sis, I'm not allowed to read it
because I'm way too young.
Will I always be 12 years old in her eyes?
Onwards to another "first" for me: Waverunners!  
A.K.A. Jet Skiing.  Tomay-to. Toma-tow.  Whatevs.
We went on an AWESOME private two-hour tour all around the nearby islands with our tour guide Jordan...a tan, young, Fabio look-a-like.
Tour map
My stupid question of that day, "How fast can we go?"
 Fabio's  Jordan's response: "As fast as you want."
Is it too soon to start planning our return visit to Sanibel?
'Cuz I'm ready to go back.


  1. looks like a great time! love the bikini such a pretty "bottom skirt
    vacation must be a totally different animal after losing weight!, it must feel so limitless and carefree- to just not worry about being fat, will I fit, will I look fat, is there a weight limit, will I be the fattest one there... the list goes on... I am so happy that you had a great time.... I cant wait for a carefree vacation with my fam. thanks for sharing ~T~

  2. Thanks for the morning pix... Awesome...

  3. That bikini is AWESOME and you look awesome in it! Looks like a fun trip--love me some sister time!

  4. Looks like you had a blast in the sunshine state!

  5. looks like you had a blast...you looked awesome in any of the bikinis so it was a win win!

  6. You trip looks like a blast! I love the suit... I can't wait until I feel comfortable enough to venture out in a cute, skimpy bikini. (Yeah, guess that means never. lol)

    Glad you had fun - you deserve it!

  7. So jealous - that trip looks amazing!

    Somehow I am thinking three kids later that I'll never wear a bikini, but that one is beautiful (and the one I would have picked as well!) I was curious about the port thing as well, because I can definitely feel it more now, but I'm glad it won't be sticking out of me. :)

  8. LOVE the bikini! And you were so nervous about it! You look FAB! I'm super jealous of your vacay! :)

  9. Looks like you had a great time!! I love the bikini you picked...so cute! You can't pump your own gas in Oregon??? I had no idea. Here in TN you have a hard time finding a gas station that will pump if for you.

  10. Love the bikini!!!

    Glad you had a fun and safe trip.

    Spray tans rock....

  11. And a great time was had by all! So glad you got to soak up some sunshine and your tan looks great. Oh, and the swimsuit looks great too.

    I remember not being able to pump our own gas during the short time we lived there. At first it sounds great until you realize there are never enough people working to pump and you could go much faster if you could do it yourself. At least that was our experience. :)

  12. AnonymousJuly 09, 2012

    Looks like an amazing trip, how special too that you and your sis are so close. Lol about 50 Shades. I just read trilogy this summer and was SHOCKED my young teens (!!!) made a reference to anal beads!! What do they teach in school now! I told them that was not in my vocab pre-40, Lol!!

  13. How fun!!! You look fab girl!

    I want Florida. Now.

  14. That's such a cute bikini you chose and you look fab in it! :)

  15. You are the cutest girl wearing the cutest bikini ever!!!!!!! I'm glad you had a fun time! Welcome back to the west coast!

  16. The suit is adorable!!!

    Also reading 50 on a beach with your sis!!! You are stronger then me...:) I miss 50...he has issues but I have never missed characters from a book like Ana and 50!!! Hubby is determined to buy an Audi, just saying!!:) glad you had fun!!

  17. How fun! Looks like y'all had a great time!