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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Million Dollar Question

I was asked a question on the Facebook page yesterday.

It's the most simple question.

It gets right down to it.

It made me think.

It made my head hurt.


What was this question?

"How do you stay so motivated?"

My first thought was: I have no freakin' idea.


No clue.

Such a tough question for me.
Is it habit?

Is it routine?

Not sure.

But what I do know is that I didn't lose weight to squeeze myself into size 6 jeans and small tops. Nope. That's just a bonus of this entire process.  Wanting to continue to fit into my smaller clothes are not enough motivation for me.

I also didn't lose the weight to change my appearance. Sure, it's kinda fun when I see someone who hasn't seen me in a few years and they don't recognize me.  The "wow!" and the "you look great!" comments are nice too.  The looks on their faces are priceless. But looking better/different is not enough motivation for me.

Then I started to wonder.  I started thinking of new questions to ask myself:
  • Why do I make it a priority to go sweat buckets and workout most nights and not go to Happy Hour with my peeps? Think of all the yummy appetizers. Sweet potato fries! Mozzarella sticks! Cocktails! But I choose to exercise instead.
  • Why do I make myself drink 100+ oz of water each and every day? It sure is a major inconvenience visiting the little girls room every two hours and having to refill that water bottle just as often. But I still drink all that water.
  • Why do I usually order a healthy protein choices and eat protein first when I'm out to eat at restaurants? The Fettuccine Alfredo and bread sticks would be so much more tasty. But I eat that small piece of chicken or fish instead.
Then I remembered the main reason why I originally chose to finally lose the weight and make healthy habits part of my life forever:

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Is this the reason that keeps me motivated each day?


  1. YES!! and the best reason ever.



  2. I agree, the reason I am doing this is health. the other stuff is just a bonus, the most important part is to feel good, looking good is just the side effect of health :o) and I cant wait for the feeling and the look of good, great even.....

    p.s loved your Florida pics... vacation must be a totally different feeling as a "fit" person.

  3. For me it was vanity that got me started and vanity that makes me hit it hard every day, every meal, every workout. The health *is* an awesome bonus. The visible muscles; strength, conditioning & flexibility gains and accompanying bragging rights,cool clothes and pride in my appearance is the impetus and the constant.

  4. I wonder if losing it faster than ever possible before the band makes you feel the "feeling better" more? I wonder If the marked difference in how you feel in a relatively short time motivates the exercise and eating the right fuel. Course, after a few years of maintenance, it has to be more. Is the memory of how you used to feel still that vivid? Does blogging help you keep it top of mind? Does leading others on this journey (cuz that is how I see you) motivating for you, too? Great post

  5. It is truly a reason that keeps our heads in the game SISTA!!


  6. I love being thinner and I love the way thinner feels...seeing results...that all keeps me motivated!

  7. LOVE this post! I love reading from "the other side" of the band...of the life change. YOU give me motivation! :)

  8. Exactly. This is not a vanity thing for me either. It is about my health. Yes, it is nice to be smaller but it is better that I am stronger. Great post.

  9. Yep! Loving life and really being more alive is way better than any number on size tag - that's just icing on the cake.

  10. I don't know, for me it's the combination of all the reasons. When I was laid up after surgery, I wrote a huge list in my journal of each and every reason I could think of. I read it sometimes. And it helps me realize how many good reasons there are to lose the weight and keep it off. Any one of them would probably be enough of a reason to do it, but combined they are CONVINCING.

  11. Exactly! It's so nice not to feel sick and tired! It's also easier to stay on task when the task isn't so daunting like when you had to lose a ton of weight or get IN shape.

    BTW... loved your vacation pics. What fun! You were rockin' those two-piece suits!

  12. It's definitely motivating to be successful. Success for me begets more success. Learning to navigate and identify myself as a fit person, a runner, etc. - all of these things make me want to live up to the label. Actually, labeling myself a runner is a big deal because I usually label myself in relation to others (wife, mother) instead of giving myself a "me" label, if that makes any sense. In any case, keeping that sense of "me" is a big deal!

  13. AnonymousJuly 11, 2012

    Great point Chelle ^^ I love the idea of being aware of labeling yourself with "me" labels. Thanks for another inspiring post LBG