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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Here I am immediately post-op on the day of my Lap-Band surgery.

October 20, 2009
It's perspective that I am given by this photo.

Almost like a gift from the past.

A reminder from my former self to who I am today.

I look back on this photo and remember exactly how I felt in that moment: Physical PAIN.

So much pain that I couldn't keep my eyes open.

I think this is one of the reasons that I continue to keep going and keep fighting the good fight.

It's why I continue to workout each night for an hour or more. Yep, I come home all sweaty and tired.

It's why I still try to limit my calories to 1200-1400 calories each day. Yep, I still keep track in my head.

I didn't sign up for Lap-Band surgery lightly.

It was a huge commitment for me.

I knew that getting the band was a FOREVER decision.

For me, that's what the band is.

Not just something to occupy me for a little while...just until it wasn't fun anymore.  Nope.

I didn't get the band to lose "some" weight.  I got the band to lose ALL of the extra weight.

Yes, I was in pain.

Yes, I felt run over by a truck.

But looking back on this photo over two and half years later after my surgery:

It was totally worth it.


  1. First bikini pix, and now pix of you in bed.. What's next ??

  2. Seems like you always post exactly what I need to read. Amazing.

  3. It's so nice to have you around to remind us what it's all about. Such an inspiration!!!

  4. ALWAYS an inspiration :)

  5. I wish I had these pictures! I have one of me from the morning of surgery - my official "before" pictures I suppose. I need to go back and look at them from time to time!

  6. I wish I had these pictures, it really is great perspective. I remember right after surgery when I couldn't even walk around the block before I tired out and now I'm running miles at a time!

  7. Thank You so very much for sharing your journey! You have no idea how much I appreciate hearing how far you have come.. and the ups and downs inbetween!!

  8. Thank you for the inspiration!!!!!!

  9. 100% worth the pain!!

  10. I nearly cried when I saw this picture today. I don't know ANYONE who has had lap band and NOONE understands what all I've been through. Thank you for posting a blog about it.

  11. Yup...good timing. I needed this inspiration today too. I am so happy you made it work, and it is still working. The fact that you can think before that, yes it is a big decision that you are going to fully commit to, but then to actually put into real life that dedication is so amazing.

  12. Totally made me cry. You always inspire me LBG to be a bigger success. xx

  13. I am saddened that so many who opted for the lapband continue to fail to use the tool as it was intended. Like you, I did not enter into this lightly. And while I'm not as disciplined as you are, I work the hell out of my band every. Single. Day. I'm not going back there.

  14. LBG, you are amazing. I seriously puffy heart you. Great reminder!

  15. I didn't feel any pain right after surgery. In fact I was walking about two hours afterwards ... all over the hospital. The pain came when I got home that night to sleep. And realizing how hard it was to sleep and to move and to get up out of bed to pee. And so on....

    I also did NOT go into this lightly. It started for me in 2004. And I am following the rules. And I hope I can lose IT ALL too, in due time. Tomorrow will be one month since I was banded!

  16. Great reminder! Thanks for sharing...

  17. :o) gotta have the BIG reminders to look back on!

  18. Tough love this band .... But it's a miracle in its power

  19. That is so true-- I remember the pain I was in and the regret I felt for several days (I hate taking pain meds, they make me nauseous so I 'toughed it out'- ugh)... and I am really much better than I was at that time.

    Thanks for the reminder.
    I haven't lost as much as you, but I've come a long way from where I was, and for that- I am glad for the progress and the perspective!