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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Support Group Tonight

My surgeon's practice support group is in about an hour....

I am hoping that there will be more bandsters who are 1+ yrs out from surgery there tonight.  It seems that there are mainly new bandsters at my support group, which is good, so I can share tips and ideas, however I sometimes would like to hear from folks who are farther in their journey than me.

Do you attend a support group for bandsters near you?  Do you find it useful in your weightloss journey?


  1. Yes, we have a local support group. It meets a the hospital where I'm employed, also the site of the surgeon's information seminar. Ours is pretty much any kind of WLS support group. I attended several before my surgery, and I've attended the two that were held since my surgery in May. We've had a few RNY patients pass through, but mostly there are four of us bandsters who attend faithfully, one of whom was banded 1.5 years ago, another 7 months ago, myself 7 weeks ago, and another lady (who also attended before surgery) who is just 2 weeks postop. I'm with you... I sure wish there were some more seasoned veterans who would join us. i've made up my mind to keep going for years and years... because I know how it feels to be a newbie and wish there were some experienced bandsters to talk to. I've learned way more on the message boards and by reading blogs! But it is nice to have a face to face meeting with other people. The lady who had surgery two weeks ago and I have really hit it off well, and we e-mail each other with questions, concerns, and encouragement every day or two. It has been so helpful! I guess my answer to your question is yes, I do find the meetings helpful. :-) (And two of us went out for salsa dance lessons after the meeting last week, so we also burned a few calories and had some fun!!)

  2. My surgeon's office does have a support group, but I have not attended yet. I feel like I have gotten so much good information here and a part of me is afraid to find people who haven't been successful and I'll freak out. Ironically, I think I'll wait until after I've gotten banded and have some success before I go to a support group.

  3. My surgeon's office has a support group, but I've never gone. I didn't realize that so many of you wished that people would attend that are 1+ years out....perhaps I'll consider attending and answering some questions. (I'm 16 months out)

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  5. Sorry for the deletion of the prior comment, but I realized that I mentioned a city that you live near, and that may have been more information than you would want posted. So I am reentering my comment to you!!

    As to your question, my Surgeon's office has a monthly Support Group, but his office is in Reno, which is about 2 hrs away (in good weather)!

    So I have not been able to attend the meetings. However, when we move up to Reno, I do plan on attending them, especially since they started a Support Group just for LB's!

    I just wanted to say that I received the book from Band Groupie, that she received from you, today and I love it!! It is so easy to read and really interesting. I am not a fast reader, and I am already 1/5th of the way through it!

    It is exactly what I need right now, as I am having issues with my weight loss, because of all the stress that we have been going through. It is the kick in the pants, and inspiration that I needed! Thank you for allowing others of us to read it too!!

    When I am finished, do you want me to send it back to you, or pass it on to someone else??

    PS) Walt and I are still looking at staying in your neck of the woods in late September, on our trip to/from Portland.

    I will give you the details later, or sooner, if you prefer to know the specifics sooner rather than later, to see if you are available to meet during that time.

    Just let me know. Otherwise I will give you the information a week or two before we leave and see if you will be able to meet us. I do know the dates already, and have our room booked in there as well.