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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

OMG! Did You Hear?











It was the most wisely spent 60+ minutes of my day in a long, long time.

I just listened to this podcast.

It's an interview with one of the all-knowing  GODS  experts on the Lap-Band: Dr John Dixon.

My favorite part of the podcast?

When Dr. Dixon talks about (at length) about what proper fill level is for a Lap-Band.

My second favorite part?

When he talks about what the expected life span (expiration date) is for a Lap-Band.

Go check it out HERE.

You won't be sorry.


  1. Loved it...thanks for sharing!

  2. Heard it, loved it! Then I saw your interview on there too, so I listened to it. You are so stinking adorable! I love your perspective on how this works. Thank you for being so open to everyone on your experiences.

  3. I listened on the way to OKC yeesterday. It was a great interview. Helped me realize its ok to need another fill. I always feel so guilty when I go in for a fill. I didn't have a fill for almost a year after getting my band, lost down to goal weight and then after about 3 months, started getting hungry. Crazy, but the interviewee really made me realize that it is ok, that my body has just changed and this is my "new" normal. Thanks for posting this!

  4. What I learned is that restriction isn't really what we're looking for and that can actually cause stretching. I need to get back to basics with my band with 1C meals of lean protein and veggies. Thanks so much for this. Also liked to hear that the lifespan on the prototype bands of the 80s are still going! Very good to know.

  5. Listened to the whole thing in the car today.

    Mind. Blown.


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