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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Was Afraid...

It was just before New Year's Eve 2009.

I was newly banded for about two months.

And I received an email from a friend (also recently banded, whom I had met at Support Group). We shall call her "Candy."  'Cuz food names are my fave.

Candy's email was all about this new exercise craze that she wanted to try: ZUMBA.

Candy wanted me to sign up for a Zumba six-week session of classes that began in January. She wanted me to go with her.

The classes began in just a few weeks! Gasp!





Sweat was no fun.

Being out of breath was even less fun.

I was about 210 lbs at the time.

And I had seen those Zumba commercials on TV.

Those Zumba people were skinny.

And healthy.

And had abs of steal.

That just wasn't me.

I was a couch-sitter.

TV watching was my exercise.

But with Candy's persistent emails and convincing, I signed up for that Zumba class.

On the first day of Zumba class I walked in the door in my baggy sweatpants and big t-shirt.

I hid in the back of the room.

Hopefully no one would see me struggle.

Hopefully no one else would see how afraid I was of failing at this thing called "exercise."

And guess what?

Candy was a no show.


All alone in a room full of strangers.

I thought about walking out that door...many times.

But I stuck with it.

The whole hour of class.

Yes, I was sweaty.

Yes, I was out of breath.

And yes, I hurt in places that I didn't know that my body could hurt.

But I finished that Zumba class.

And guess what?

I had an AMAZING and FUN time.

Shaking my booty.



And that was the moment.

That light bulb moment.

The moment that I realized that exercise isn't that bad.

And that exercise could actually be FUN.

I continued to go to Zumba class and finish out that six week session.

And then I signed up for more classes.

And more classes.

Over the following year, I lost 70 lbs doing Zumba.

Who knew that exercise can actually be fun?

All that I had to do was stop being afraid...

Rockin' those Zumba Toning Sticks!


  1. Yes. I still enjoy trying new and different forms of exercise. Putting the fear behind me was the first step. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good for you! I once signed up for a group exercise class, afraid like you, and grew to ADORE it. I loved the ladies gym I belonged to and looked forward to my classes each day after work. I can't wait to get back to it!

  3. You were the one who convinced me to try Zumba ... you just seemed like you were having so much fun doing it that I just had to try. I love it...it's one of my core workouts each week and thanks to my Zumba instructor I've tried other formats too including her dance and tone as well as her new style she'll be introducing soon called House Party Fitness. Thanks for always sharing your story. I may have eventually found Zumba on my own, but your story allowed me to find it that much sooner!

  4. I'm afraid of tripping over my uncoordinated feet and taking a nose plant into the floor :D

  5. You are singing my song, lady! I'm down 60 pounds because of my beloved Zumba class. I swear its the most fun I have ever had exercising.

  6. Seriously! I bloody love Zumba too! It is the best exercise. I am ready to try Aqua Zumba which is coming soon, but I love the toning and the straight one already. ANd my instructor is the bomb!!

  7. Ha! I need the rest of the story! What happened to Candy????
    Woo hoo you!

  8. here's to another full year on the blogs!!! (((hugs))) Happy New Year

  9. Courage isn't lack of fear- it is being afraid and doing it anyway.

  10. Oh my goodness...this is me right now. Afraid. I don't want to be the fat girl in the back, struggling to keep up. I think I just have to get over it too :) nothing great ever happened because someone decided to stay in their comfort zone haha

  11. Since trying zumba some months back after reading your blog, I've found a form of exercise that I not only love but really look forward to going along too!!! Never thought I'd say that about exercise lol, so thanks for sowing the seed and sending me in that direction....x

  12. I am so thankful to have found your blog! I'm getting banded next Tuesday and it's so wonderful seeing someone who's still having success after so long. I can't wait to get excited about exercise!