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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Secret To My Success

I don't think that I did anything special or particularly unique to lose 115+ lbs in 14 months.

What I do to maintain my 115+ lbs weight loss is not really too complicated.

But a secret to my success has just been pointed out to me.

My coworker said to me this morning:


Sometimes I need the people around me to state the obvious to me.

I need a big ol' hit over the head occasionally to make me realize something.

And here's today's not-so-obvious-to-me learning lesson that I needed to learn.

My light bulb moment.

Examples of my consistency were rambled off to me this morning by this same coworker. I guess that I have never really thought about it before:
  • She sees me workout almost every day - at the same time - Can you believe that I've been doing the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD for almost a year now?
  • She sees me eating my vitamins at my desk each morning
  • She sees me drinking my water and refilling it at the water cooler - a lot.
  • She sees me eating small-portion, sensible food choices
  • She never sees me lurking near the office snacks, donuts, muffins, candy dishes, etc.
These are all habits that I had to LEARN

Did it take me years to learn some of these habits? Absolutely.

And let me tell ya, there was no magic button where all of these habits were all of a sudden easy for me.




And does my Lap-Band help me with all of these daily habits?


Not really.

It's pretty much me.

And only me.

My Lap-Band does NOT send me a psychic signal telling me to "Go drink water."

My Lap-Band does NOT send me a text message that says, "Go exercise."

And my Lap-Band certainly does NOT send me any emails that tell me to what to eat. I've never heard my Lap-Band say, "Eat that shrimp salad, not that delicious Fettuccine Alfredo and Garlic Bread"

It is...





  1. I like that you said it took years to learn those good habits... it took me years and years to get to where I am now (active, water drinking, moderate eater!). People always want a quick fix and I try to tell them, it's patience, persistence and consistency!!

  2. Amen sistah! We are constant works in progress. surgery gives it all a quick start. it gave me FOCUS. After laying out the cash to have the procedure done (I was cash pay) you bet I was going to focus on the "rules" or what it took to be successful. Was any of it easy? Not for a second. is it easy today? Some days it is, some days it isn't...Wow..good days and bad, imagine that. But I chose to Focus and used the surgery as my opportunity to exchange that Fettucine Alfredo for shrimp salad (love the visual) and slowly, over time, I began having more good days than bad. Imagine that! YOU DID IT! I did it, and we are still doing it... Thanks for the reminder that WE are th eones who get it done!!!

  3. Very true. My band ONLY helps me eat a normal-sized meal, but I'm doing all the heavy lifting.