Weigh-Ins are on MONDAYS - Updated July 3, 2017

Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Friday, August 2, 2013

Weigh-in Day & Who Has Been Here Since the Beginning?

Goal weight: 145 lbs

Today's weight: 141.8 lbs




I have been doing my Friday weigh-ins for exactly FOUR years now.

I began my weigh-ins when I started my surgeon's low-calorie (1200 cals) per day diet.

When I first stood on that scale it read 258.8 lbs.

And guess who was standing right beside me as I took a deep breath and stepped onto the scale that very first Friday weigh-in back in August 2009?

Who do you think comes running when she hears me opening a plain Greek yogurt (150 cals, 20 proteins) because she knows that she'll get to have a taste?

Who sits patiently next to me on the couch and wishes that I would share some of my string cheese (80 cals, 8 proteins)?

Who has seen me whip out that blue food scale every day to weigh my portions?

Who used to run and hide under the bed when she would hear the magic bullet blender crush  up ice to make my protein shakes in the morning? (190 cals, 29 proteins) That noise doesn't even phase her now.

Who has watched me do way too many Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workouts and Zumba booty shakin' moves in the living room?

And who has stood there next to me every Friday morning with a very supportive look on her face watching me stand on that scale?

It's Pemberley.

She was there at the beginning of this journey.

She's been on this adventure with me each and every day.

And there she was this morning...

Bonus flashback Friday photo: Here I am with Pemberley on the day that I came home from the hospital after having Lap-Band surgery (October 2009):
Approximately 240 lbs


  1. Awwww...and congratulations!

  2. How sweet! Great tribute to Pemberley!

  3. That face! I cannot get over how cute she is. :)

  4. Time flies. And nice to see the successes in our little world. Pemberley is a doll.

  5. She is beautiful! But I think part of your weight on the scale this morning was Pemberley's fur laying on the scale!

  6. Congrats and love the photos. You are doing great.

  7. As Always - you continue to inspire and amaze! Love Pemberley.

  8. Awww, love Pemberley. Congrats on 4 years. Such an inspiration.

  9. so great you've had her as your support for these 4 years and congrats on keeping the weight off!

  10. I'm going to steal her! Precious. Absolutely precious!

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