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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Are You a Runner?

That was the question asked of me today at my employer's health fair.

The nurse was checking my blood pressure and other vitals.

The nurse repeated, "Are you a runner?"

Then, I realized that she was talking to me.


A runner?

Only if something or someone is chasing me. Or maybe if there were a dozen freshly baked warm gooey donuts waiting for me at the finish line.

"Nope." I said to the nurse. "But I do workout pretty often"

The nurse replied with, "You have an athlete's resting heart rate. It's 57."

Now there's a word that I never thought in one gazillion years would ever be said about me: "athlete"?


Me, athlete?

Me, who couldn't even lift myself up up from sitting on the ground to stand up three years ago? I'd have to find a table or chair to grab onto.

Me, who used to get out of breath and sweaty climbing up one flight of stairs? Those underarm sweat stains on my size 24W shirts were not-so-sexy.






And it wouldn't be an awesome blog post from yours truly if I didn't offer you a bad-ass neato spreadsheet chart showing you the resting heart rates and their categories:
Non-Scale Victory (NSV) alert!


  1. That is AWESOME and such a nice surprise to hear isn't it?

    And I totally get it...blogged about the exact same thing back in March of this year...

  2. I will be paying better attention to this next time someone checks my pulse...

  3. Fabulous! Keep up the great work. :)

  4. Awesome. And what a cool chart. I'm also going to pay attention. I think my last one was 72 which puts me above average. I'll take that.

  5. I'm actually right there too! Hmmmm, something to be said for nutrition and fitness. Whodda thunk? :)