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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This Is What Happens When My...

...brain forgets that I have a Lap-Band.

On Sunday morning, we stopped in at the local diner for a late breakfast.

I really wanted pancakes.

And hash browns.

So that's exactly what I ordered.

And this is what the waitress brought:

I instantly thought: 


That is waaaaaaaaayyy too much food. 

And I also thought: 


That's TWO plates of food.




Even after three and half years with my band, I still sometimes forget.

Forget that I can't eat like I used to when I weighed 258 lbs.  Before I got the band.

But I still gave it a good try anyway and ate me some pancakes and hash browns.

And this was what was left after I was done eating:

Before the Lap-Band, I would have eaten it ALL.

But thankfully my band was there to remind me: "You're done now."

I can't be the only one who sometimes forget about their weight loss surgery. Do you?


  1. I always order way too much food! I feel so wasteful, and I always felt bad when I was on a date and someone else was payi g for something I at 1/8th of. Thankfully Texas doesn't care what goes in the trash.

  2. I fondly call my lapband my Governor! Like when it is put on a vehicle and you can't go beyond 60 MPH. My governor is working!

  3. You did eat the best part of the hash browns, I see. (In my world, the remains go to my chickens, so all is good.)

  4. I don't forget that I have the band, I just want what I want and order it any way. Early on I had decided that I would still eat what I want I just wouldn't eat more of it than I should. I waste A LOT of food and I am completely ok with that.

  5. I do that all the time...I get all excited over the food and then when it comes on huge plates I'm like "oh crap".

  6. Ugg....it's like a curse! I forget all the time. Yesterday went to lunch with hubby and we ordered pizza...and I ordered like my over-weight self...medium pizza was cut into 12 slices...I hardley ate 3...but I wanted to eat it all and would have if the band wasn't there....baby steps...

  7. Oh the band is still so needed as a reminder for me every day! I have told myself that throwing away food (the stuff that won't save, like pancakes), is the only way to survive in the super size portion world. But, yes, I forget and want to eat big all the time.

  8. Yup, I would have eaten all that, and a piece of toast and butter along with it!
    I sometimes forget, especially since my band is almost empty right now, but it still reminds me of its presence!

  9. Yup!

    Side note, I would love a bite of hash browns but that is something that always gets stuck for me. haha

  10. i'm considering the lap-band hopefully in october I'll be approved `` what happens if you overeat?

  11. Yes, this has happened to me!

  12. Vanessa, Robyn and I had that problem this past weekend. We ordered three individual plates of Thai food. Ooops! YOu can see the results on V's blog if you read her post! : )