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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Ultimate Non-Scale Victory That Never Gets Old

Retail therapy at a size 6 Petite is awesome-sauce.

How different shopping is now compared to when I was limited to Lane  Giant  Bryant size 24W.







So what else do I do when I need a little pick-me-up?

Every couple of months, I head over to my favorite local outlet mall and try stuff on.

Lots of trying on.

Not usually a lot of actual buying tho'.

I try on buckets and oodles of stuff:




Dress slacks.

I walk in and find the nearest sales lady and announce, "I would like to try all of your size 6 Petite pants and jeans on, can you please find them for me?"

And guess what?

Those sales ladies always find me pants that I would never ever find. They have mad skillz. 

It keeps them busy too, so that I can then cruise the sales floor.

Did you know that I shop by color?

The color must first speak to me, then I look for the correct size.

Here are the highlights from today's outlet mall cruise. 

Can you guess which items actually came home with me?
Tight in the chest.  Bummer.
Damn you Clearance rack and
only having size XS Petite!
Soccer Mom meets Luau.
Size Medium Petite

A dark grey (not black)
Size Small Petite.
Where's my sailor hat?
Size Medium Petite
GREAT color.
Officially a "ladies who lunch" dress
Size: 6 Petite
The skinniest of skinny jeans.
Am I the only girl who does the
"turnaround" to see how
the booty looks in jeans?
Painted on. Yikes.
Size 6.
Bermuda Jean Shorts. Size 8.
Red top: Size Large
Could you guess what I ended up buying?
  • The dark grey/orange floral dress: $16.99
  • Bermuda Jean shorts: $14.99
  • Red top: $12.97
But I really, really, really wanted that orange dress too. Damnit.


  1. I love that orange dress- too bad it wasn't the right fit.

  2. Orange is my favorite. It's so unfortunate that it didn't fit. : (

    Love the other things you bought and yes, I do turn around to check out my booty. : ) Yours looks great in those jeans.

  3. Oh, I just love shopping! Thanks for taking me along....8-) Everything looked fab on you! I'm so bad, I would have bought them all....maybe even the orange dress (just becuz!).
    Isn't it fun to announce your size? I swear one of the reasons why I shop Chico's so much is because of their sizing....I can go in and say "I need your size 1's!" Just gives me a big smile!

  4. I love love love shopping if only to fit into all those clothes I DREAMED of wearing - and looking hawt in them ;)

  5. I love shopping now that I have lost weight. I used to hate it. I can't wait til I lose even more. My goal is to get out of plus sizes. We'll see if I can do it!

    Love the orange dress. It's a shame it didn't fit quite right. You look great in everything though.

  6. I think I need some retail therapy!!!

  7. I can't wait to feel comfortable taking pictures trying on fun clothes. Until then I like the clothes at Lane Bryant, it works for me until I can shop other places. I will try not to take offense to you calling it giant.

  8. Love them all!!! the first dress (orange/red) is a great color on you! hottie :)

  9. Those bermuda shorts are the cutest!

  10. I liked it all. But honestly, I couldn't get past looking at arms! They look awesome.

    And then next, I couldn't help but to admire your ass in those skinny jeans. You need those painted on skinny jeans!

    I liked it all. You look awesome and such an inspiration.

  11. love love LOVE the dress u ended up with!!!!

  12. I love the dress you got! I also liked the blue and orange. You look awesome. I can't wait to get some retail thearpy of my own on!! BTW - I put my ticker tape up on my blog. :)

  13. The skinny jeans outfit is super cute on you!!!

  14. I really loved the orange dress, the first one. It looked spectacular!! Oh and I put a ticker up on my blog too :)

  15. Fun! I love shopping. :)