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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Friday, March 22, 2013

Weigh-in Day & I Miss Amy

Goal weight: 145 lbs

Last week's weight: 140.8 lbs

Today's weight: 138.0 lbs (kinda sneakin' up on my all time low. I have no idea how I achieved this.)

Let's talk about Amy.

I miss her.

I first met Amy when I moved to Oregon in 2007 and didn't know ANYONE in town.

I was looking for a nail technician to keep my acrylic nails looking fabulous.  Well, Amy did not disappoint!  She turned into a great friend and we giggled and gossiped over many nail appointments and fun times.

Amy even shared her struggle with obesity with me.  

She had gastric bypass in 2002, lost most of her excess body weight, and was successful in keeping the weight off.  A true superstar with her weight loss surgery.  

She was the one who introduced me to her surgeon (who ended up doing my band surgery).

My surgeon's practice required their patients to have an official "support person" through the entire pre-op and post-op process.  

Amy was my support person.  

She went with me to all of the required doctor appointments, classes, support groups, and of course was there with me on that early Tuesday morning of October 20, 2009 for my Lap-Band surgery.  

Here's a picture of us right before I was wheeled off to surgery that early morning.  All smiles!

Unfortunately, many months later, Amy passed away.

She never had an opportunity to see me reach my goal weight.

At her funeral they played "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry as the funeral ended.

Lately, that song has been popping up more and more for me lately. 

I've heard it everywhere these last few days. On the radio. Playing in Walgreens the other day....you know.  Everywhere.

That song will always remind me of Amy.

I wonder what Amy would say today if she could see me now?

Would she see how I took all of her advice on how to be successful with my Lap-Band?

Would she be proud of me?

I miss you, Amy.


  1. SO sorry for your loss....This made me cry. She would be so proud!

  2. I so know she would be proud of you! I am sorry you lost such a special support person, I know she is watching you from heaven!

  3. This made me cry too... She would really be proud of you not just for your weight loss but also for paying it forward and helping others like you do everyday posting on here. She was your support and you are our support. RIP Amy ^0^

  4. She is super proud of you! I am sorry for your loss and so happy you had such a supportive friend to help you through the beginning of this life change.

  5. Songs are such powerful reminders... which is good and bad I think. So sorry for the loss of your friend; I know what a huge support she was in your life. ((HUGS))

  6. Wow that gave me goose bumps. She would be so very proud of you!

  7. Girl how could she be anything but proud? I am so sorry you lost such a special and supportive friend.

  8. She is giving you signs all the time that she sees you and is proud of you (like when you randomly hear that song in Walgreens or she randomly pops in your head for no reason).

  9. So sorry for your loss darling x

  10. How could she not be proud of you! You are a rockstar! I am so sorry for your loss!

  11. I'm sorry about your friend. She sounds like an amazing person!

  12. wow..that is so sad..she was young! I bet she would be so proud of how far you have come and how many people you have given back to you!!! Hugs from AZ!

  13. Sorry for your loss. She would be very proud of you for sure.

  14. Sorry for your loss and yes she would be so happy for you!!

  15. Sad to read about Amy's passing. How did she pass can I ask? I hope hope hope it wasn't related to her weight loss surgery!

    But I strongly believe in ANGELS. And I cannot imagine she is far away not watching over you.

    I'm back to blogging again at http://bohemianburble.wordpress.com/

    Take care, Amy