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Saturday, March 9, 2013

O.M.G. Did You Hear?!?

The internets rumor mill has been flooded with some cray-cray lately about the Lap-Band.

All of this ridiculousness that's swirling around is a result of the news that Allergan is getting out of the obesity health care business and selling the Lap-Band.

But I'm here to set the story straight.

Here's the 411:

Yes, Allergan is selling the Lap-Band.

The Lap-Band isn't as much of a money maker any more.

Peeps are still getting Lap-Bands each and every day.

There are over 750,000 Lap-Band patients!

This band isn't going anywhere.

The Lap-Band is here to stay.

This what companies do:  When products aren't showing year-over-year extreme growth, companies that are growth/profit oriented then sell their products.

It's like a game of Monopoly.





I wanna buy your Boardwalk and Park Place.  Pretty Please?

This buy, sell, buy, sell is what makes the world go 'round. (and you thought it was the moon, stars, and planetary alignment? hah.)

But the Lap-Band will continue to be available no matter which new company buys it.

Peeps will still get their Lap-Bands.

There will be weight lost.

It will be awesome-sauce.

The end.


Now that we have squashed that reee-donkulous rumor, let's talk about the "Lap-Band Rules."

You know how us bandsters can't seem to ever figure out why one surgeon says "Don't use straws" or says "don't chew gum."

Then other surgeons have no rules related to gum or straws or other stuff.

It's a complicated world out there among the interwebs and which bandster has to follow which rules.

Well get this: There are no "official Lap-Band rules."

That's what she said.

From what I learned in the secret conclave of bandsters (and the creators of the Lap-Band) in Phoenix, there are no official rules.  Each surgeon seems to make them up as they go along for what is best for their patients.


Now we know the "why" behind all of those rules confusion.

I know that I follow rules that were set by my surgeon and what works for me.

Food choices and exercise that work for me don't work for everyone.

I do what's best for me.

I do what's best for my body and my lifestyle.

The funniest "rule" that I've ever heard mentioned by a Lap-Band patient: "Lap-Band patients can't go in tanning beds."

True story.


  1. That is funny that you bring up the tanning bed comment, I just read someone talking about that last week. I thought that was one of the most redonkulous things I have heard!

  2. Haven't heard about the tanning beds. And I've been thinking about tanning. I've used straws too. Haven't had an issue. Interesting post tho. It's good to hear first had that there really aren't any rules. I do what works for me too. Why fix what ain't broke!?!?

  3. oh the tanning bed comment made me laugh!

  4. I was at a meeting last week where a pharmacist was talking about medical management of patients with WLS and she said something similar about the Lap-Band not being done as often or something like that and the sleeve was the wave of the future. I thought it was interesting but also agree that it is wrong. There was quite a big debate about that after her speech and most people were agreed that the Lap-Band is not going anywhere.

  5. Can you imagine Rockband Barbie being banned from tanning beds? Nope, me neither. xx