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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Smell Sex & Candy

That was the song playing on the massive sound system when I walked into my local pole dance fitness studio on Monday night. 

I was there to check out the "Chair Tease" fitness workout class.

If you remember, I've already tried out pole dance fitness classes and the bruises on my legs just weren't worth trying that again.  

And it's probably better if this klutz keeps her two feet firmly planted on the floor.

Anyways, I was told that in just 30 minutes I would learn a new chair dance routine. 

Each week a completely new routine is taught.

For $10 per class.

I didn't take any pics on Monday night, but it looked kinda like this in the dance studio (I  stole  borrowed this image off of the interwebs):

The instructor broke down the routine into smaller learn-able chunks.  

Then we added up all the small chunks into a an approximate three minute dance routine all around and on a folding chair.

We picked up the chair. 

We flipped the chair around.

We actually hardly ever sat on the chair.

I barely broke a sweat and it was more of a basic workout.

Not as intense as Zumba.

What song was this week's routine set to?

"House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals.

A slow song that turned out to be a sexy routine!

And guess what?  I'm going back for more fun next week!

I'm going to make chair tease fitness class part of my weekly exercise routine.


  1. I love it! Can't beat fun exercise!

  2. Thats sounds interesting! Would love to see a video of this. I will have to look it up. So cool that you keep sharing! Thanks!

  3. I admire your constant search for new and fun fitness... I hope I can find some time in my life for these things again...

  4. When the title scrolled by in my reader, I thought it said "I'm small sexy candy" and I thought, you go girl!

  5. That sounds like fun! I will have to you tube what this looks like! I wish we had some of these things to do in my area!

  6. Hey exercise is always good! Of course some are better than others but what you are doing sounds fun too!!

    Have a good week!


  7. Oh my gosh! I bet that was so much fun! I need to do a better job of branching out and trying new exercises!

  8. That sounds amazingly fun!

  9. That completely sounds like fun!! I wish there was one of those here. My hubby would love for me to come home & show him THAT routine, lol.