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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Airport Temptations!

As I walked to my gate on the rather quiet and deserted airport terminal concourse this morning, I cruised passed so many tempting yummies.

There was the friendly See's Candy guy asking if I wanted a free sample of chocolate. Replying with a "No, thanks" took every ounce of will power that I could muster up.

Then I walked really slowly passed the Chili's. Those photos of the Nachos that were proudly displayed at the entrance were calling my name.

But I kept on walking.

Good thing too. I later checked my fast food app on my iPhone and saw these scary nutrition facts:

After walking THAT gauntlet, I arrived at Starbucks.

My fave go-to airport restaurant.

I ordered my usual. A non fat strawberry banana smoothie with double protein. About 300 cals and 24 proteins. I forgot to take a pic before drinking it. YUM!

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  1. wow I haven't tried that at Starbucks..but holy protein batman! That is great! Can't wait to see you!

  2. So, you use a straw! That is the one band rule my doc gave me that I have never, ever broken. There were many times I thought about it but I thought that there had to be AT LEAST one rule that I can claim a 100% on!
    Have a great trip!

  3. I like to get to the airport just in time to go to the bathroom and then get on the plane. It's best that I have no more than an hour between flights too or I may be tempted to get something to eat that I'll regret. Good job on walking past the temptations. :)

  4. You are amazing! Look at you walking away from all those bad choices... An inspiration everyday!