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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Would You Like a Tasty Donut?


Me too.

I would like three donuts actually.

To be specific:

One with chocolate glaze.

One with sprinkles.

One with creme filling.





On Friday at work, I heard the announcement from the break room: "Krispy Kreme donuts you guys!"

My first thought: "Sweet!"

My second thought: "Wait! Look it up first"

Before I could jump up from my chair and run/walk to the breakroom, I went onto Krispy Kreme's website to look up the plain glazed donut that I knew I would eat.

Just to double check real quick.

Just to be super sure of what I was about to do.

Phew! I was relieved to see that a glazed donut is: 190 cals, 2 proteins.

I can do that.

That calorie count is totally in my "Weight Maintenance" lifestyle for a special once-a-week type of treat.

But then I scrolled down to read a few nutrition facts of the other items on the menu at Krispy Kreme.

And I came across this:

Mocha Dream Chiller. A 20 oz drink.

Yum! Right?!?

Guess how many calories and proteins are in this drink?

1050 calories, 5 proteins.

That drink would go.  right.  past.  my.  Lap-Band.  No problemo.

So, I ate that donut on Friday morning.

And I knew EXACTLY what I was getting into.


  1. I could do without cake and cookies. But donuts? They are my kryptonite. I have passed them up so far since being banded, but I still think of them when I'm craving sweets. I plan on eating one sometime but I'd like to be closer to maintenance.

  2. Sometimes a donut is just worth it.

  3. Donuts make me PB every time (I've tried twice. After you know what donuts taste like coming out of your nose, you don't try again. TMI - sorry.). They're one food I just CAN'T eat - thank goodness. So why do cupcakes slide through like they're made out of water? Bands make no sense sometimes. But yeah, one donut is a much better choice than that liquid monstrosity. Other than the occasional, like once a month, alcoholic drink (or, ahem, the HOURLY alcoholic drink when I'm on a cruise), 2 cups of coffee with milk, and my daily VERY nutritious protein smoothie for breakfast, I almost never drink liquid calories. No milkshakes, no frappuccinos, no junk smoothies, no lemonade, no soda, no juice, no sweet tea...it's one habit I've been able to stick to pretty easily. Thank goodness.

  4. The problem is it's a 20 oz. drink! I can't stand how dessert "beverages" are always served in the same portion sizes as regular beverages. Whey can't I order a 4 oz. milkshake anywhere? Why should any dessert, liquid or not, ever be 20 oz. for one serving? That is crazy to me.