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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Friday, October 4, 2013

Weigh-in Day & Why Blogs End

This is my 959th blog post since I began my blog back in October of 2009.

This is my 218th weekly Friday weigh-in since I began my surgeon's pre-op diet to get my body ready for surgery.

Yep, this journey began 4 years, 2 months, and 4 days ago.

Today's weight: 141.4 lbs

Still below goal.

I'm kinda surprised that you all still stop by to check on me in my little corner of the interwebs here.

I'm not sure what more there is to tell you or blog about.

Weight maintenance is super boring.

There is no "done."

There are no exciting weight loss numbers to announce every week.

Almost all of the boxes have been checked on the to-do list of getting healthy and fit.

I also learned this morning that some blogs do come to an end.

Today's example? Emily, who I've been following since 2010, blogged at "The Bright Side: Breast Cancer at 31".  She just passed away. I didn't know Emily personally, but reading about her over the years, I kinda feel like I did.

So that brings me to a few questions for you:

Are there any specific topics that you would like for me to blog about? 

Any questions that I haven't already answered?


  1. Hello! I am 4 months into my surgery - what would be helpful is a section with your most informative posts that relate to being successful on this journey. I try my best to go through the sections, but I feel like i may be missing the golden nuggets. thank you for sharing your journey!!

  2. as for me I am scared to death of maintance. I am down 90 got only 35 left .. i have been sucessful in WL before but NEVER maintance obviously..lol so its refreshing to see your post even if they are boring to you they are inspiring to people like me coming up on goal and worried about maintance. I know I can do it bc quite honestly I have surprised myself in every turn the last 6 mnths with what I can do. But it helps to follow along as you do maintance so well daily/weekly/mnthly/yearly... Keep up the AWESOME work :)

  3. I can't remember if you've posted about this before--but I noticed in pictures that you posted before of your family that they (your sister, mother, father) all seem to be heavier. How did they accept your choice to have the surgery, do you have any resentment/jealousy from them with your success....or is everything with them normal with no issues? I guess because you have been so successful, have you influenced your family members to have surgery, also? or motivated them to make healthier decisions (not saying that they are unhealthy, but you know what i mean, i hope).

  4. I've said it at least 50 times now...but I'm so glad you remain with the community to be a continuing inspiration for newbies and those of us who've been here for a few years. Thank you for being that continuing pillar of the community. As for posts, I'd love to have a "week in your life" Pictures of your kitchen, your meals, your fitness etc. Including your dinners out and your treats that you allow yourself because you're in maintenance. Just a thought. : )

  5. OH, so sad! I'm going to go check out her blog now.
    I agree with Luka Beth...I'd love to know how your family dealt with your weight loss success. Any resentment? Some people claim their parents try to sabotage their success by being food pushers, etc.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Food pushers, now there is a topic. They are everywhere!
    Do you ever get esophageal spasms and if so what do you do to calm them?
    Does flying make your band hurt? After my last flight I am scared to fly again. Pain for two weeks.
    How often do you go to your weight loss doctor?
    Did you have trouble letting go of your larger clothes? I was emotionally attached, which was surprise.
    I guess this question goes with some of the others above. Did any of your overweight friends resent your changing or make snid comments?
    Thanks for blogging.

    1. Howdy. Last Wednesday I finally parted with all of my BIG clothes that i had been hoarding for years and years and years. I found a consignment shop about 90 miles away and took one trip .. my car was loaded to the nines and dumped them all at the consignment shop. I will get 50% of what each sells for. But I would NOT have done this had I not already lost 126lbs. I have 90 to go.

  7. I feel your pain sweetie! But, please don't go! Us veteran banders can't fade into the night! Even if no one reads my blog, it some how keeps me focused on my Lap Band life! Maybe that's just me....haha! If you read my blog, you probably notice that I don't always write about or even mention my Lap Band or my weight or maintenance. Therein lies the beauty of it (I hope....maybe it's just borrrring!!!)....my blog is living proof that at some point, our lives are just our lives living with a Lap Band! Does that make sense? That's the beauty of it.
    But, I must admit, I am a writer at heart so perhaps my blog "feeds" me in other ways too......
    In any case, if you are feeling like you are running out of things to say...maybe you can just pick one day a week to blog....maybe your weigh in day? Maybe you will have something to say or share, maybe not. But, no matter....you will continue to be a role model for all of us!
    I may not comment much but I appreciate you being here!

  8. Well in 13 days I will have my surgery. I tried introducing the shakes into my day and lost 5 pounds. I'm just nervous about the pre op diet. Any suggestions

    1. Pray and HOPE for the best. My pre-op diet was an awful awful experience but we all had to go through it to have the surgery. Hang in there :)

  9. Why not just blog about your daily life as one who has had the lap band surgery. I mean I am in my blog for life. I've been blogging about various subjects since 2004 ... several diff names I've had. I've met a slew of diff folks all over the world and still maintain friendships from when I first logged on the wide world of internet speaking to strangers since 1994. Some of my closet friendships are with folks I've met online and never once spoke on the phone OR met face to face.

    Why give it up just cuz you dont want to post your weight anymore. Then don't. I don't care what you weigh or whatever.

    I find your journey interesting.
    So stop posting your workout photos and your weight postings ... and just chronicle your life as a thin person now.

    Just a thought.

  10. Like tell us what you first told your new boyfriend about your journey. How does your family feel about it? Coworkers .... tell us your stories thru those type of people. Seriously I get no satisfaction from reading you lost three pounds in one week and gained back two. Real honest raw stories from your heart. Yes, I'd still read about that.