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Monday, May 19, 2014

100% Chance of Rad

We had a fantabulous time this past weekend at the Color Me Rad 5k.

My third color run that I've done.

But you may be wondering...what exactly goes down at a color run?

Here's the 411:

You run, walk, or prance your way around a 5k course (usually all flat) - no hills! 

I totally walk it. 

No running for this girl.

First on the schedule? Tattoos and tutus!
My RAD bicep!
Next on the list? Throw color on each other!
The BF sure looks handsome in pink!

Then we started the 5k!

We walked through a bunch of different color stations where they threw colored powder (cornstarch) on the runners/walkers:
The ORANGE color station!
I never miss a chance to pose for pics with my peeps!

And of course, there's always time for kissing!
Before & After!


  1. I want to do that! It looks like so much fun! Love the photos.

  2. Love this so much. I think you should seriously consider making that tattoo permanent....perhaps a smaller font. :)

    Because you ARE the raddest of the rad!

  3. That's crazy cool!! I wish I could do that in my city without getting sent to a psychiatric institution.

    I'm returning to the blogging world and I'm glad to see you are still blogging, I love reading your posts, keep it up :)


    PS: if you'd like to pass by my new blog it's notsopaleo.emiliolcc.com.ar