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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Flashback Friday & Weigh-in

Tomorrow my Mom and I will be doing something super duper fun together.

It will be exciting.

It will be a milestone.

And there just may or may not be glitter thrown in the air.

But one thing is for sure: WE WILL GLOW.

Stay tuned for a full detailed blog post of the BIG EVENT that will go down bright and early tomorrow morning.

In honor of tomorrow's mother-daughter bonding extravaganza, here's a Flashback Friday for you:

Mom and I.

Or is it Mom and me?
Let's not forget the all-important digits for today's weigh-in:
  • Goal weight: 145 lbs
  • Today's weight: 142.4 lbs
Still below my goal weight!

Will you be back here tomorrow for the big reveal?


  1. love the before and after of you and your mom...! enjoy your extravaganza tomorrow. (and thanks for all your posts, etc. Your blog is one of the positive ones I found documenting your journey.) I am 1 week post surgery. 7 lbs down since surgery, 22 since my initial doc visit in November. I'm on my way!

  2. As always, I just love your blog, too. :-) Thank you for your commitment to keep blogging, your weekly maintenance posts are NEVER boring - there is nothing boring to me about seeing your STAY at goal weight! woo hoo!! So happy for you and all your (hard worked for) success.