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Friday, January 31, 2014

Weigh-in Day & You Asked For It...

Today is my 235th weekly Friday weigh-in.  The result? 142.8 lbs

Still below my goal weight of 145 lbs.


Here's a "Before" and "Now" BMI comparison. Because comparisons are the bomb dot com.
And since you have been asking and messaging me so sweetly over on Facebook for more cruise photos, here's a sail-away photo of the Boyfriend and I.  He has generously offered to do a guest blog post. I know! Lucky YOU!  What would YOU like to see a blog post about? Here's your chance: Please add your comment below.


  1. How tall are you?

  2. total awesome sauce!

  3. nice weigh in! Does he have any knicknames...not given by you!