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Friday, March 25, 2016

How I Lose Weight With My Lap-Band

Thank you for your extra love notes and encouragement here on the blog and also on Facebook after my last post about my weight gain.

Let's recap shall we?

What's been going on these past three months or so:
  • I made craptastic food choices. No one chose these foods for me. I own these choices I made.
  • I ate way too big of portions of those craptastic food choices. I chose these portions.
  • I didn't do my weekly Friday weigh-ins for about 5 weeks (lost my accountability).
  • I weighed in Monday 3/21/16 (five days ago) and the sh*t got real: 153.4 lbs.
  • A weight gain of 8.4 lbs above my goal weight of 145 lbs.
  • I am back on the accountability train with weekly weigh-ins and writing down my food choices each day (I track only calories and proteins). 
  • I am staying accountable to my goal of getting back to 145 lbs.
  • My daily goal is 1200 calories and at least 70 proteins. I eat real foods and chew a lot. It's been over a year since I've had a protein shake.
So it's my usual Friday weigh-in today.

The results?

Drum roll please.....


There ya go.

A weight loss of 4.6 lbs!

I have always been someone who can lose and gain weight fast.

What have I  learned  REMINDED myself of these past 5 days?

If I do the work, I get the results.

If I track my food, I see the results on the scale.

Was I hungry this past week eating 1200 calories each day?

NO. Nope. Nada.

Thank you very much Lap-Band.  My band keeps my physical hunger under control so I can do the work of making food choices and portion sizes.

If you'd like to see what I am up to daily, go check out my Facebook page. I share what I am eating, recipes, workouts, etc.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Let's get real here for a hot minute

Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have noticed something.

I have not been keeping up with my weekly Friday weigh-ins.

My last Friday weigh-in on Facebook was February 5, 2016.   146.6 lbs.  Here's the official photo of that weigh-in:
I've been telling myself these tall tales in my head and thinking that I could do this weight loss maintenance thing without stepping on the scale.  

You know, that thing called "accountability."

I've been joking with myself into thinking I could do weight maintenance using the "how I feel" and "see how my clothes fit" methods.

But no.

No way, Jose.

I have learned these past few months that I cannot do that. 

Those non-scale methods of accountability do not work for me.
I could tell you that I have not been doing my weekly weigh-ins for all kind of  excuses  reasons.  

But it doesn't matter what those reasons are because here's what's gone down these past few months:

Food choices that were not always protein-focused. 

Food choices that were too large of portions.

Food choices that were ridiculous and it's time for me to slow my roll.

It is all about my food choices.

It ends here.

I am owning this.

So I stepped on the scale this morning.
Yep, 153.4 lbs.

That's 8.4 lbs above my goal weight of 145 lbs.

I am catching this slippery slope now.

Here's what I am doing to stop this ridiculous weight-gain:

Tracking my food choices by WRITING THEM DOWN

Stay tuned for Friday's weigh-in.

It'll be off the hook.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

We said "I Do"!


Bonus Non-Scale Victory alert: the husband picked me up!

If you would like to see a video and photos from our wedding, click here.

We had a fun-in-the-sun honeymoon Caribbean cruise: