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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Know You're a Bandster When...

  • You have a "date" does not mean you're going out.
  • The phrase "I'm a loser" is a good thing.
  • All of your silverware says Gerber.
  • "Welcome to the other side" doesn't include death.
  • You get excited about hand me downs.
  • Getting wrinkles is a good thing.
  • Hitting the "Century Mark" is actually a good thing.
  • When the word lap has nothing to do with a strip club.
  • Other women are calling you "bitch" behind your back.
  • When you are glared at in the plus size department because you "don't belong there".
  • When you really don't have a thing to wear.
  • You have to prove you are the person on the driver's license.
  • You start being in the pictures not behind the camera.
  • You are never far from your bottle of water
  • When you order a doggy bag at the same time as your meal.
  • You're too small for your britches.
  • When you go to the mall a take the first available space instead of circling 20 minutes for one closer to the door.
  • You truly are a "cheap date".
  • When one drink makes you sloppy drunk
  • You flip up your shirt to show complete strangers your scar and ask "wanna feel my port"?
  • Vitamins feel like a meal.
  • You can cross your legs... both of them
  • Instead of a Wonder Bra you need a Wonder Where They Went Bra
  • When your treadmill is no longer used for drying your fine washables
  • You can wear corduroy pants without igniting a fire
  • When you wave and your upper arms wave back
  • You cancel your Lane Bryant Credit Card

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Does Your Job Make You Fat?

I don't really blog about my job and what I do for a living.  Mainly because this blog is about who I am not what I do.  However, I will make an exception today.

I work HERE.  Therefore, guess what kind of Outlook email meeting invitations I receive on a weekly basis?  I get invited to tastings where we can give our opinions on current and potential products.

Today's Outlook meeting invite is for tastings of THESE and THESE.  Last week it was THIS!  Yeah, and wouldn't you know it, the tastings are "required"...whatever that means.

Don't tell anyone, but I have never EVER shown up to a sensory tasting....shhhh...it's our little secret...promise not to tell?  So far, the tasting police haven't found me out yet.

Guess what I see in the break room/kitchen area daily? CHOCOLATE  I usually try and walk past really fast like if I don't smell or look at it too long, then I won't eat it...this tactic works about 50% of the time.  The other 50% of the time I eat me some chocolate.

So, my question to you, do you find food choices difficult when you are at work? 

Do you sometimes want to bitch slap the coworker who brings donuts/bagels into work? What about those people who bring in cookies/cakes/etc that they baked at home the night before? Don't even get me started on those office potlucks! Sigh.
What are your food challenges at work?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

Don't you just love Dr. Seuss quotes?
I've been receiving really great Lap Band / healthy lifestyle questions from you guys on the Facebook page and via email.  Speaking of emails, you're so sweet with your emails and comments lately. I especially like it when you say I look like random celebrities...like Ginnifer Goodwin *blush*  All of these compliments are going to go to my head and I'll soon have an ego the size of Oklahoma....but I digress.

I thought that I would put all of the questions in one place - a new tab at the top of the blog so they are all in one easy to find spot.

So, here's your chance.  Ask away in the comments section below! Some recent questions include:
  • What is Zumba?
  • Was there a time when I hated exercise?
  • Do I have any problems with excess skin?
  • What is my favorite brand of protein shake?
  • What vitamins do I take? Which brands?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Body Shots!

Get your mind out of the bar...I'm not talking about these kind of body shots:

I'm talking about these types of shots: BELLY SHOTS! Photos of my belly from 2 days post-op to today.

I've seen some talk recently on the blogs about fear of scars from the newbies who are just recently banded.  Well, I can tell you that my surgery scars are almost invisible now.  All FIVE scars completely faded.  I was diligent in applying the Bio-Oil twice a day for about three months post-op.  I also keep my belly out of the sun (don't want to blind any innocent bystanders at the pool).  I've heard that sun exposure causes scars not to fade..?  Not sure if there's any truth to that.

I didn't have any stitches on the outside, just that tape.  Beware when they rip that tape off at your post-op appointment....more fun than a Brazilian wax, ladies...good times.

Unfortunately, what does still show are the stretch marks....oh well.

 2 Days Post Op - October 2009

Hit Goal Weight - December 2010

6+ Months at Goal - (Today) June 2011

PS: I just realized that I am wearing the same PJ shirt in today's photo as the 2 days post op photo.  I still love my big girl PJs. It's huge on me and I sometimes feel like I am channeling my inner Jennifer Beals from 'Flashdance' with the way it falls of my shoulder now.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Banded Blogger Alert & a "Before" photo

Please stop by and say hello to Athena Banded Warrior.  She is approximately 12 weeks post op and will be running in a 8k race next week! :) WOW! She is rocking that exercise.

I'll leave you with a "before" photo.  I was probably 260+ lbs in this photo...I can never forget.  I also like to remind myself that there are no "after" photos in this journey, as I am never done with my journey to improved health:

This is Rattlesnake Country!

Did you know that hiking is really just walking outside (not on pavement)?  Who knew?!?  

When I was a fatty, the idea of hiking kinda scared me.  Perhaps it was because I knew how much my feet, ankles, knees, and back would hurt after hiking in a 256+ lb 5' 4" body....not to mention the sweat and beat red face that would happen too.

Well, the secret is out....this indoor girl is becoming more outdoorsy.  

I heaved myself up another mountain today.  A 2+ hour hike. Here are some of the views at the top:

Imagine my surprise when I saw this 4-5 foot rattlesnake heading my way while we took a break on the trail...YIKES!  It seemed just as scared of me as I was of it:

Here I am at the top!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Best Investment I Ever Made

As you know, I am a self-pay patient.  I practically burned a whole in my Capital One Visa card paying for my Lap Band surgery.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you also know that I love personal finance and pinching those pennies.  Suze Orman is my Deity.  She tells it like it is in her no-nonsense style.  I love one of her new sayings for those of us in the dating world..."Fico first, then sex."  Yeah, no putting out until you've seen his FICO scores ladies! 
Anyways, I was so happy to hear about a recent study that shows how quickly gastric banding pays for itself.  Check this out: New Study Finds That Gastric Banding Pays for Itself In Approximately Two Years for Patients With Diabetes and Four Years for Patients Without Diabetes

Wow!  That's AWESOME!

I wonder if the study takes into account all those fabulous tiny outfits that I now spend my money on as a result of the weight loss?  Probably not.

Weigh-in Day...and the Results Are...

Goal Weight: 145 lbs

Today's Weight: 143.2 lbs

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Salads the Size of My Head

I occasionally like to visit my local hippy skippy organic salad bar in my town.  You know, those places where you load up your bowl and then they weigh it at the register and you pay by the pound?

Today was a busy day at the salad bar.  While I stood in line to pay, I noticed the handful of women in line ahead of me all had these magnificently created yet HUGE salads.  I never used to look at what other people were eating when I was a fatty...it seems that I do it on occasion now.  Kinda weird.  Not in a judgemental way and I NEVER, EVER make comments to others, just as a reminder to myself of what and how MUCH I used to eat.

Anyways, these ladies had amazingly beautiful yet GIANT salads with croutons on top of pasta salad on top of ranch dressing on top of shredded cheese on top of pretty much everything else that was on the salad bar that day.  I tried to avert my stare as I looked longingly at their salad creations.  I imagined how yummy those salads would taste. I tried not to drool. It reminded me of the good ol' days when I would belly up to the bar at Sweet Tomatoes or Fresh Choice.  Those were the days.  Sigh.

Since I had nothing better to do while I waited, I quietly (in my head) began to estimate and calculate how many calories I thought one of those HUMUNGO salads had in them...I settled on somewhere around 800-900 calories, at least.

Then I looked down at my salad sitting in the small to-go container: 1 hard boiled egg and 2-3 ounces of chicken breast sitting on top of 7-8 pieces of baby spinach (yeah, I counted) and the little dressing cup on the side.  Approximately 260 calories and 29 proteins.

I ate that salad about 4 hours ago...and I'm still not hungry.  I heart my Lap Band.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Workout Wednesday...Playlist Style!

Thank you for your motivational comments on yesterday's post.  You have some really great ideas as well philosophies on how motivation can come and go.


I see so many of you are getting your sweat on...I've been reading all your comments today on the Facebook page: Tara did some strength training and cardio with her trainer, Chris went for a walk, Vanessa ran a 5k AND went hiking, and Lauren did interval aerobics. Impressive!

I am planning on going roller skating tonight.  Not sure if I'll get my sweat on, but it will be more exercise than sitting on the couch at least.  If I remember to take a pic, I will post it.  Last night it was 85+ degrees at my Zumba class.  Boy did we sweat.
Do you have a certain playlist of songs that you listen to when you workout? I am always looking for new songs, so please let me know either in the comments or on your own blog.

Here are my current favorite workout songs (in no particular order):
  • Don't Let Me Down (Swing) by Zumba Fitness
  • Brass Monkey by The Beastie Boys
  • Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce
  • The Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • It's in His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song) by Vonda Shepard
  • Girls on the Dance Floor by Far East Movement
  • Sweat (A La La La La Long) by Inner Circle
  • We Speak No Americano by Yoland Be Cool & DCup
  • Evacuate the Dance Floor by Cascada
  • Gimmie Gimmie by Beanie Man
  • Boom Boom by Kumbia Kings

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Motivation. Do You Have It?

I sometimes wonder where my motivation to be healthy and active disappears to sometimes.
Perhaps my motivation goes to that dark and mysterious place where all the missing socks in the dryer go to?

Due to my lack of motivation, I've been making poor food choices lately.  Yep, I could make a list of the CRAP that I've been eating lately, but I won't.

My lack of motivation is a direct result of me forgetting how unhealthy I felt when I was a fatty at 256 lbs. 

I am forgetting how much my back used to hurt when I would wake up in the morning or how swollen my ankles/feet were at the end of the day.

I wish I could buy one of those weighted vest/outfits that they make the final contestants wear on the Biggest Loser to remind them how much weight they have lost. 

I have to settle for my version of this reminder: carrying a 40 lb cat litter bag into the house every month.  It's just not the same though. 

I want to strap 111 lbs to my body and try and function throughout my usual day.  It would suck.  I would get sweaty and out of breath at the top of the stairs like I always did, but it would remind me of what I don't want to return to...a life with high blood pressure and being so tired all of the time.

I am forgetting what it's like to be a size 24W.  Size 6 petite is my normal now.  Very rarely do I get that feeling anymore of "WOO HOO! Look at me fitting into tiny jeans!" when I get dressed in the morning. Perhaps it time to get my Jared Fat Pants out of the closet and test drive them around the house?
So, here's my question for you, how do you stay motivated on your journey to improved health?  I want to know.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I Zumba with Old, Dead People

No, that isn't my euphemism for the 60+ year old ladies in the back of Zumba class.  Here's a photo of me after Zumba class this weekend:
I attend Zumba classes at a "Grange Hall."  I had NO idea what a "Grange Hall" was 18 months ago.  

Turns out it's like a community center that was once used for organized agricultural groups involved with animal husbandry.  Grange halls began popping all over the USA in the mid to late 1800s.  Therefore, I Zumba surrounded by A LOT of wood paneling and vintage black and white photos of old men....seems like there were some serious Good 'Ol Boy meetings back in the day at my Grange Hall.  I wonder what these men would say today seeing us ladies shake our booties to Lady Gaga...?  Who knew such a funny and unique exercise opportunity existed.

My Jazzercise classes are also held in a Grange Hall (a different Grange than Zumba).  It's practically a wood log cabin.  I especially enjoy the black and white photos of the square dancing ladies on the walls from the 1940s/1950s.  What would those prim and proper ladies in their starched and pressed dresses say about us Jazzercise dancers doing our grapevines and kick ball changes in our skimpy tank tops...?  Again, an exercise opportunity and experience that never would have happened prior to the band.

Lastly, I went on a fun two hour hike today....UP...A...MOUNTAIN.  This was totally a non-scale victory (NSV) for me.  There's no way I could have hauled my previous fat self up that mountain at 256 lbs. This was the view at the top:
Exercise opportunities are out there and for me, the most fun and entertaining exercise is NOT in a gym.  Find your exercise and get moving.  Time's a wastin'!

**Edited to add: Thank you for the shout out Reality slapped me in the face with a lap band!  Her post today made me smile.  She's getting her exercise on...a 5k is in her future! AMAZING! **

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clothes For The Sisterhood! (Sizes: L, XL, 10, 14/16)

I have more clothes for the sisterhood.  I have numbered each selection and included a photo of me in the clothing when I fit into it to give you an idea of what it looks like 'on' because hangin' on the hanger just doesn't do some clothing justice! :)

First one to comment below is the taker. So just say which item number(s) you want and email me your mailing address to: lapbandgal@yahoo.com.  

Shipping costs are on me. But, if possible, please provide me with a COMMERCIAL address (your work? or maybe a business?) this saves me money $$ on the shipping costs.  I ship via FedEx GROUND. No PO boxes please.

#1 - Dark wash Old Navy "Diva" SHORT Size 10 jeans: TAKEN by Amy W

#2 - Yellow 3/4 sleeve t-shirt with gathered neckline, size Large: TAKEN by LizyBird
#3 - Blue knee-length Dress (t-shirty material) Size: 14/16: TAKEN by Kelly

(not the best pic, sorry, but it shows the neckline)
#4 - Button Up Sweaters, from Kohls, size Large:  TAKEN by Kelly

#5 - Basic Long Sleeve White shirt with a little stretch, from Kohls, size X-Large:
#6 - Long sleeve pink sweater from Anne Taylor, Size L (runs big): TAKEN by Melissa F
#7 - Ruffled T-Shirts/Tanks, Size X-Large: TAKEN by Melissa F
#8 - Short sleeve tops, not t-shirt material, but stretchy, from Kohls, Size: X Large: TAKEN by
Jackie R.

#9 - V neck T-Shirts, one Pink, one Red, Size: X Large:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Answers To Some GREAT Questions

Dinnerland recently posted on her blog some really GREAT questions and I thought that I would answer them as today's post:

* What would you say is the most important lesson or lessons you've learned about eating since you've been banded, and how has this contributed to your weight loss?

The most important lesson for me was learning that I can always eat more than the recommended 1 cup of food at a time.  But just because I CAN eat more than 1 cup, doesn't mean that I should.  That's why I depend on EXTERNAL tools to help me: small serving plates/bowls and my trusty food scale.  These tools keep my portions in check and I know that when I am done eating my portion/serving, then I am done.  No more food.

* How are you sustaining your motivation to continue forward?

I get a lot of motivation from my daily blogging and keeping my Lap Band Gal Facebook page updated with my latest food choices or exercise.  It keeps me accountable and motivated.  I also have that thought of the $16K that I paid for my band.  I guess that I am financially motivated to make this weightloss stick.

* If you've experienced any discouraging set back moments, how did you deal with them, how long did they take to pass-- and what sort of specific strategies might you suggest that could work?

I haven't really had any set back moments, however I still struggle with the idea that there is no "done" in this journey.  I often wish that there was a "done" or "finish line" and I hope that this doesn't lead me down a path of poor food choices and lack of exercise one day.

* Have you ever worried about being a complete failure at the band, and then gotten over that worry-- if so: did you tell yourself certain things that helped or do certain activities that reassured you?

This was never something that EVER entered my mind.  I guess I have had the mindset from the beginning, even the pre-op days, that the only option was to be a success with my band...no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

* What is the proudest accomplishment you've made relative to your band journey thus far?

Getting off of my high blood pressure medications and resolving my borderline high cholesterol.  I have always said from the beginning that I lost the weight for improved health.

* What are you looking forward to doing next in your journey?

MAINTENANCE.  I will continue the daily struggle and successes that come with maintaining my weight below 145 lbs.  I look forward to also reducing my body fat percent.

* Where do you see yourself 1 year from now and how are you planning to get yourself there?

I see myself at GOAL.  I will keep doing what I've been doing ever since surgery: measuring my portions, drinking tons of water, taking my vitamins, EXERCISE, and attending my surgeon's support groups.

* What sort of goal setting do you do in general, and how do you motivate yourself to keep going towards those goals?

When I was losing I set 10 lb goals for myself.  I celebrated every 10 lb loss.  Now I just focus on being under 145 lbs.

* What is the most difficult thing about having the band and what makes it worth it anyway?

The most difficult thing for me is that I totally know that the band is not the quick fix or "easy button".  I still have to do the work to reap the rewards.  I could eat thousands and thousands of calories each day...my band doesn't stop me from eating those calories, I DO.

* Given the choice, would you be too tight or too loose and why?  How would you handle either situation if you couldn't get in to your doctor for 4 weeks?

It's no secret that I keep my band on the looser side...I have never vomited or "PBd" since before surgery (Oct '09).  I have about 7.4 ccs in a 10 cc band.  That's what I like about the band, we can each use the tool as we want to.  I also have read up on some various online medical sources that sometimes a too tight band leads to erosion and slips.  Food for thought.  I also like to be able to eat anything I want to (bread, etc).  I don't like to be limited.  For me, the band is ONLY about being satisfied/full for a longer period of time.

* What are your 3 to 5 'desert island band foods'-- things you WOULD NOT/ could not/ don't want to live without? What do you eat virtually every day and why?

I don't really understand this question...maybe because I still can eat all foods.

My usual foods:
-Greek yogurt
-Taco Bell beans/cheese/chicken
-Subway kids turkey/egg white sandwiches (i eat the bread)
-Chicken salad
-Cottage Cheese
-Pretty much what other people that I'm with are eating, just smaller portions.

* How many meals do you generally eat per day and at what times?

3 per day.  9am, 12pm, 5pm

* Do you exercise, and if so, about how much? Do you think exercise has been pivotal to your weight loss?

My favorite question! Exercise has BEEN SO PIVOTAL to my weightloss and key to maintaining my goal weight.  I had to find something that I loved, luckily I found Zumba and Jazzercise.  I hate gyms. I call the treadmill the 'dread'mill...i want to poke out my eyes and run away from those things.  I need a group class environment to make me exercise.  I Zumba/Jazzercise 5 times a week for 1 hour each time.  That's 300 minutes of exercise for the week.  The recommended weight loss surgery rules say at least 210 minutes per week (30 minutes/day). I figure I'm ahead of the game on the exercise.

YOUR TURN! Please go answer these questions on your blog.  THANKS!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weigh-in Day & Milestone Achieved!

Goal Weight: 145 lbs

Today's Weight: 143.4 lbs

I have now maintained my goal weight for 6 months.  WOO HOO!

Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday's post. I love, love, love this online community where we can all express our opinions and thoughts on issues. :-)

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Calling Out the Medical Professionals

In the past three months, I've had a few blood draws for some follow up lab work resulting from vitamin deficiency issues. (Take your vitamins people...seriously) 

This has involved visiting two different labs and three different blood taker people (ummm....I think that these folks are called phlebotomists?) 
Anyways, none of these three people had ANY PROBLEM getting access to my veins or ability to fill up those little vials these past few months.  NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER.  One stick and they were done.  What a completely different experience than when I was fat.

When I was a fatty, the phlebotomists always had such difficulties getting access to my veins, I was the human equivalent of a pin cushion by the time they were done.  They used to say "it's just that your veins are really deep."  Stupid me, I never put two and two together to realize that they were really saying "you're a fatty and there's a lot of fat between us and your veins."

Also, I never really had a medical professional (doctor, nurse, etc) ever say out right..."You're obese/overweight and should do something about it.  Here are some suggestions on how you can lose weight."  The topic was always danced around and mentioned between the lines of the usual patient/doctor discussions. But NEVER said completely and directly.  The discussions were all solutions to the symptoms of obesity like "you can take this pill for your high blood pressure." 

So, I am reaching out to any medical professionals who read my blog, please be upfront and have that "come to Jesus" talk with your obese patients.  If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it's a DUCK (a fat duck actually).  I understand that it is a sensitive topic and that you may not ever see that patient again due to their embarrassment or that they heard the ugly truth. Yeah, I also get that you'll probably make less money, too. But by you not being direct and to the point only continues the extreme denial that so many obese folks continue to experience. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Workout Wednesday!

Did you get your sweat on? I did. See?

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Help a Bandster Out

I just visited Jenny's blog over at Goodbye Muffintop and Other Jiggly Bits.

She going through a tough time with a port flip/twisted issue and made a VLOG all about it.  She's asking for advice...and even weighing the options of band removal and revision. Yikes.

Please go visit her blog and share some of that BOOBs support and love.

PS: When are you going to make your VLOG? I'm patiently waiting. :-)

PSS: Are you ready for Workout Wednesday? I know I am...it's time to sweat!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Letter to Myself

Dear Self,

It's time for a reminder.

Time to remember and realize that what you eat and your food choices are never, ever going to fix your problems.

Food is not going to make you blissfully happy.

Food is not your friend.

Food is not going to make you feel less stressed about the busyness that is life.

Food is not going to give you the courage to change things in your life.

Food is not meant to be an escape from reality.

All that the bad food choices do is make you a big unhealthy fatty.  NOT happy, not better and improved you, just FAT.

It is just food and it can only delay and hide the problems by stealing your time.

Now, go ahead and clean up your greasy potato chip fingertips, put down that bag of chips, and move on.

Your Truly,
Lap Band Gal

Monday, June 13, 2011

Adorable Blog Award!

Fabulous blogger extraordinaire (and my roomie for BOOBs 2.0 in Chicago), Stephanie, nominated me for the Adorable Blog Award.  Thanks Steph!
Rules of the Award
*Thank the person who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post.
*Tell us 10 things about yourself.
*Nominate your bloggers.
*Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award.

Ten Things About Me:
  1. I have secretly been wanting to mix a packet of crystal light into my Greek yogurt to see what it tastes like.  Then I saw that LeAnn just tried it with great results! I'm going to give it a try.
  2. I have another blog that I don't update very often called "Adventures With Pemberley".  It's just photos of my spoiled rotten cat. Yeah, I'm a card-carrying member of the crazy cat lady society...all I need is the bath robe covered in cat hair.
  3. I have a youtube channel.  I think videos show a lot more than the written word can show here on blogspot.  Give it a try.  Make a video and post it...pretty please?
  4. I still wake up every morning thinking the Fat Fairy waved her magic wand over me while I slept and I'm back to my pre-op weight of 256 lbs.
  5. I am counting down the days until Big Brother debuts on CBS in early July. It is my annual guilty pleasure of the summer.  Oh the drama!  By the way, anybody watching the Bachelorette? That's a hot mess.
  6. I am starting to rediscover my self-confidence and come to terms with my invisibility cloak being gone.  Someone said to me yesterday "you are someone who is not afraid to be who you are."  Yep, that's the old me that I remember...hopefully she's back for good.
  7. I am confused by the fact that the spell check feature on blogspot does not recognize the word "blogger" or "blogspot."  Go figure.  I highly recommend that spell check option by the way.
  8. I wish I was in Orlando, FL this week...I could visit family and also attend the Annual American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) conference - the big shindig get-together for alll the bariatric surgeons.  Think of all the questions that I could ask!? Talk about a target rich environment!
  9. I am going to save so much money $$ on air conditioning this summer.  With my "fat blanket" gone, I'm always cold so I haven't had to turn on the AC once yet...and it's been in the low 80s here.
  10. I love the color pink. My iphone has a pink rhinestones cover..bling!  My Macbook has a bright pink cover. My fingernails are fuchsia pink.  It's time for a 12-step program intervention.
My nominees for the Adorable Blog Award:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kitchen Tour vlog

Due to YouTube time limits, I had to cut off the end of the vlog.

  • The sugar free syrups are for my coffee, occasional protein shakes, but mainly to stir into my plain yogurt.
  • Did you see any bread or crackers? nope.  I don't bring them in the house.
  • Almost all of my poor food choices happen when I am out of the house, therefore, if I can keep my food environment at home healthy, then I can more easily keep myself on track.
  • Here's that flan/custard recipe. RECIPE LINK
Let me know if you have any questions.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Make Exercise My Bitch

Do you know how much weight I would gain each week if I didn't exercise? At least 2 lbs...

Did you know that people keep telling me that I've lost weight, even though I've been at my goal weight for almost 6 months?   My body shape is still changing...due to exercise!

Do you know that I would probably be a size 10 and not a size 4/6 if I didn't exercise?

I make exercise my bitch...that's right...my bitch.

I have done two Zumba classes in the last 24 hours.  Lots of sweat and toning.

When I exercise, I get to eat things like this:
We had a cake and pizza celebration at work yesterday.  It's funny how people sometimes watch me eat now...a few coworkers even commented that there was no way I could eat all of that cake...but I did...'cause it was yummy...I love demystifying the misunderstandings that people have about weight loss surgery, especially the band.

I was very resistant to exercise when I first started my weight loss journey.  I hated exercise in the beginning.  Now, I know that I must do it, no excuses.

PS: I also know that I would never have fit into a size 6 super-inappropriately-short jean mini skirt today at Old Navy with all of that EXERCISE...and yeah...I bought it.  :-)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Weigh-in Day...and the Results are...

Goal Weight: 145 lbs

Today's Weight: 143.5 lbs

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Non Scale Victory Alert!

I wore a skirt...to work. This may seem like no big deal to you, but for me it's HUGE.

I never wore skirts to work as a fatty because I always thought that no one at work wanted to see the pale fatness that were my legs.

The legs are no longer fat, but they sure are pale. Shows off my bruises from pole dance fitness nicely. *note sarcasm*

A comment from a male coworker this morning: "oh my god, you're wearing a dress!" Thank you captain obvious.

Hahahaha...silly boys don't know their skirts from their dresses...but close enough.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Ten Year Old CHILD Gets a Gastric Band

I just came across this news article and thought I would share it with you.

A 10 year old boy in India who originally weighed 280 lbs, now weighs 154 lbs, after having gastric banding surgery.  It appears from the article that the parent made the choice to get the band, not the child.

As I've said many times before, weight loss with the band is very much a mental game.

I don't think that I had the mental capacities and determination at 10 years old to follow the rules of the band.  At 10 years old, I was focused on playing with my Cabbage Patch Dolls and watching "Jem & the Holograms". 
At ten years old, I never thought about what I should or shouldn't be eating and whether I had taken my vitamins and whether or not I had enough protein for the day.  I was not mentally ready for the band until the old age of 29.  But that's me.

Also, did you hear that Allergan (the manufacturer of the Lap Band) is looking to get FDA approval to have teenagers get the Lap Band?  Here's an article for your perusal.  Keep in mind that teenagers can currently get a gastric band with parental signature/approval.

What do you think?

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Banded Blogger Alert!

Please stop by and say hello to "Reality Slapped Me in the Face with a Lap Band". 

I like that name..so creative!

She is 18 days post op and still on the post-op liquid diet...remember those days? sigh.

Please go give her some BOOBs support and love.  Thanks!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My New Found Respect For Strippers

I went to my first pole dance fitness class yesterday HERE.

This was me REALLY stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new.  When was the last time you tried something new? 

When I first showed up to class, I immediately noticed that I had entered into the land of the pretty popular girls. The under 30-somethings were sporting boy shorts and sports bras on their flawless skinny tanned bodies. What the hell was me, the pale fatty, doing here?!  I immediately started having a serious mental dialogue with myself about my goal weight and how it should be lower.  Then, I wanted to run back out to my car and drive to the nearest Dairy Queen. But I didn't.

Upon closer inspection, the room had about 25 ft ceilings with 8 shiny metal poles floor to ceiling.  We began with some stretching and floor ab work.

Onwards to the poles...we learned how to climb the pole (I only made it up about four feet), but some of the experienced students made it up to the ceiling...wow.  Then we learned how to spin around the pole and do backbends.  It turned out to be really fun, but not really a cardio class, more strength training.

Let me tell you, pole dancing is WAY more difficult than Zumba and Jazzercise. About 500% more difficult.  Those strippers really have to be in great shape for their jobs.   It is a serious upper body workout.  Pretty much every muscle above my waist is in serious pain today.  I have found muscles that I didn't know that I had.  

The instructor warned me about bruises that would probably show up on my legs...and she wasn't kidding...here's my right leg this morning, I count 5 bruises:

Will I go back for another class? Probably not.  But I think that this experience was a non-scale victory as I never would have gone to this class when I weighed 256 lbs.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I was on the local news!

Weigh-in Day...and the Results Are...

Goal weight: 145lbs

Today's weight: 143.0 lbs

Happy Friday!

PS: thank you for your kind words of support on the loose skin vlog.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baring it ALL. Let's Talk About Loose Skin!

Whew! This took some bravery on my part. But here's a quick video showing my loose skin on my arms and belly.

The inner thighs are not shown because that is a whole other discussion in itself that will never be seen on the interwebs.

Please do not let the loose skin issue deter you from loosing weight and getting healthy. There are so many options (Spanx, exercise, and even plastics) that can help with the loose skin.

The MANY benefits of weight loss out weigh any negatives that come from the loose skin.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Fat Girl is Being Replaced

Lately, family and friends have been asking for updated photos of me since I guess I don't look like I used to.  I think I look pretty much the same.  But I guess I am wrong.  I guess this explains why I have to reintroduce myself to friends who don't recognize me anymore.

People are whipping out their cell phones to take a new "contact" pic for me for their address/contact list.  Because, as they say, "this old photo just doesn't look like you."

People are asking if I want them to put away photos that they have of me when I was fat.  I always say "no, I like that photo of us" or something like that.

Are fat photos really that shameful for people?  Perhaps, I'm not with the majority on this topic of fat photos since I was always heavy most of my life.  I guess I could understand if someone was always thin and then became heavy.

I have no problems or issues with my fat photos.  I do not hide the fat photos.  That fat girl is me.  I'm just in disguise now.

I was watching "How Do I Look?" on the Style channel this weekend with my Mom.  A woman named Jessica went through their makeover process and she looked completely different. 

My Mom said that my appearance change since my weight loss is just as drastic.
Here's the before/after of Jessica:
What do you think?