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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where Does The Loose Skin Go?

It goes nowhere.

It's still here.

3+ years later.

2+ years at goal.

Still here.

Stretch marks too.

In the spirit of "keepin' it real," let's gather 'round and discuss my loose skin.

I'm among friends, right?

I think that I have oodles of loose skin around my belly compared with other parts of my body.  

It just seems to hang out around my middle.

When I'm doing my girly (knee) push-ups in the living room all of that skin just dangles at my belly.

This is why I love high-waisted workout pants and tight tank tops.  

They keep the entire situation contained.

The tanks also hold the skin in place when I jump up and down and shake my booty at Zumba.  If I don't wear something tight, it hurts (a little) when all that skin flops around.

Up close view of the belly wobbly bits:
Side View:
Remind me to get those cat toys out
from under the cabinet.

When I look down while doing a push-up:
My port is in there somewhere - like a treasure hunt!
You would NEVER know that those wobbly bits are hiding under there...right?
Call me David Copperfield. 

A magical illusion indeed.

I don't think that I would/could ever have a tummy tuck.

Not my thing.

I dig my body, loose skin and all.

Never say "never" I suppose.

Now it's your turn: are you brave enough to show some loose skin on your blog?  Tell me all about it.

Electric Lady Band did an awesome blog post on loose skin a few days ago. Check it out.


  1. I'll leave that to the braver bloggers....you look great, loose skin and all!

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  2. That makes me feel better knowing you have loose skin, AND YOU LOOK AWESOME AND WEAR A BIKINI! Gives me hope!

  3. I was just playing with my loose belly skin. I was sucking in and watching it go no where...I will snap a pick tonight after working out because it did make me laugh...I could see a real stomach behind it all. Its almost a badge of honor because I got rid of the fat that padded it.

  4. I saw some documentary where some post surgery folks got total body lifts. TERRIFYING! I'd rather just have my extra skin.

  5. Very brave, and you look great!

  6. Love that you're keepin it real. Thank you again for posting...as usual.
    You look fantastic!

  7. Thank you for posting it ALL! After all, this is actually a problem we all hope to have. Might as well accept that it is coming. Soon, my stomach will match my boobs! I am going to save for a boob lift, so I am not anti-tummy tuck (except it looks REALLY SCAREY). Can you share again what type of "compression" tanks you like? I really need to shop for some. My Wal-mart ones aren't doing the trick on the treadmill. :)

    1. I buy those non-cotton cheap $5 tanks in size small that are at ROSS or TJMaxx. No shelf bra inside. I think they are spandex/Lycra and usually in the juniors/teen sections.

  8. Like I always say, I'd like to just look good in a once piece. My insurance will cover the plastic surgery if I begin to develop a rash or other issues. I hear it's nearly impossible to prove though.

  9. So this would just be a reason not to do push-ups, right? :-) I did belly photos here: http://lindasherwood.com/wp/2012/11/13/mommy-makeover-in-my-future/

  10. I'm in the process now of looking into a boob lift and reduction.. I'm scared to death!!!

  11. You are indeed a magician, and a whiz at taking pictures. I'm assuming you were doing a one armed push up for the one picture. Overall, You look fantastic!. :)

  12. Loud and proud lady!!! Awesome blog, awesome honesty, basically, you rock. Better some loose skin than all the other stuff waiting when we were overweight. I always said that I wanted to look great in my clothes, I wasn't worried about looking like a centerfold when I was naked. Thank goodness for spanx - my secret awesome weapon.

  13. Could you possibly be any more awesome? No. No you could not. :)

  14. I never realized you have that much flop, even from knowing you in person. Thanks SO much for sharing. You are quite a magician.

  15. This is so weird, I was JUST trying to get up the nerve to take a picture of mine, because it all looks good and flat while I'm dressed, but not so much while naked! I guess great minds think alike.
    We all need to see this because we can be so hard on ourselves about body image.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Did you ever have arm wiggles (that's what I affectionately call them). I was looking in the mirror the other day and noticed that my arms have a little extra junk in the trunk and I just wondered if you had had that because you definitely don't know!! I'm still new with my band (7 weeks) so I've got lots of time to get rid of the wiggles but I was just curious :)

  17. I just got approval for insurance coverage for a breast reduction...(they will take 2lbs off each one) and I plan to get down another 30 lbs before I do the reduction, my surgeon said it is easy to do a tummy tuck during the reduction proceedure too, so if I can get ins. coverage, I will do that too...not afraid of it, and the surgeon said if they approved one they will probably go for the other. Good on you for being brave and proud of it!

  18. I am happy that you are happy, but the topic of loose skin seriously depresses me. I think that it has held me back in my weight loss. My stomach is a wreck, it makes me so sad. I do want to have it removed I just don't know how ill afford it

  19. I hope to have loose skin to publish one day!

  20. lapband not done yet,have terrible yeast infections now under apron hope to b able to have skin removed if I have ay skin left It keeps peeling off