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Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Weigh-In Day & the Holidays are Here!

Can you believe that I have officially been at/below by goal weight of 145 lbs for FOUR years now?  I got to my goal weight on December 17, 2010.

That's about 120lbs lost. And I've kept it off.

This is a HUGE accomplishment for me.


For me, this weight loss journey is about KEEPING the weight off.

Not just losing the weight.

Here's today's weigh-in pic:

As you can see from today's weigh-in, the holidays are here. 

I am up a few pounds from last week, but still below my goal weight. 

I have been enjoying all of those cookies and treats that get passed around the office and parties this time of year.  I am not too worried about it. The 2-3 pounds up and down the scale don't phase me any more.  This process is all about what happens in "maintenance." 

Now how about a few updates on what I've been up to for the holidays:

I got my crafty-ness on with the kittehs and made Christmas paw print ornaments:
My Sweetie and I got busy making and decorating Ninja-Bread cookies. They're bad-ass.

We cruised around in our own backyard and went olive oil tasting in the Wine Country. Here's the official "let's-play-tourist-and-stand-in-the-vineyards" photo from that day:

As you can see, life goes on.

I still do all the things I need to do be healthy:

--I make correct food choices and portion sizes.
--I still EXERCISE most days of the week.

Lastly, I will leave you with this thought:

Merry Christmas!