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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Weigh-in Day AND a Big Girl Fill

Here's another post to document my stats and help me remember the numbers.

It's been 5 years, 7 months since my Lap-Band surgery in October 2009 when I began at 260 lbs.

I've been at/below my goal weight of 145 lbs since December 2010.

Where am I today?

I had another adjustment last Friday, May 29, 2015: the doc added 0.8cc's. Whoa, big girl fill alert!

Therefore, here's the history of fills/adjustments since the January WTF freakout of when I thought I broke my band (I didn't):

1/1/15: 7.3ccs current level
1/5/15: -3.5ccs
3/26/15: +1.5ccs
5/29/15: +0.8ccs
TOTAL in my band now: 6.1 ccs

How do I feel today?
  • Small portions keep me satisfied for about 3-4 hours.
I've also lost about 2 lbs in the last week.

This is mainly due to me doing the liquid diet for 4 of the last 7 days. My choice. My doc doesn't require this. I just know from past experience this is helpful for me to ease into a new band adjustment. 

Also worth noting I suppose, the last time I had food come back up (a PB) was in January.  6 months ago.  Having food come back up has been a rare occurrence for me in general for me in my Lap-Band journey.

In my very subjective opinion, I keep my band on the looser side of the spectrum.

I can eat anything I want, no food choices limit me. For example: I ate a small slice of thick crust pizza for dinner last night. Doughy. Cheesy. Took me about 25 mins to eat it, but no problems.

It's interesting how different a 2 lb loss on my 143lb body is compared with a 2 lb loss on my previous 260lb body.

  • 2lbs loss now is 1.3% loss of body weight: I feel it immediately in my pants fitting better and less tummy rolls. It's so weird yet amazing!
  • 2lbs loss when I was at 260lbs was .07% loss of body weight: didn't even notice it at all in how I felt.
Maintaining my weight is an every day challenge for me. 

What I have learned is that it never gets any easier.

Maintaining my weight is just as difficult as losing weight. 

But it was difficult being 260lbs too.

Here's Friday weigh-ins for the last two weeks.