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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Food Dreams

I have been having the craziest dreams lately...ALL ABOUT FOOD! Last night was Indian curries and Naan bread. The night before was ice cream....every night another yummy food dream. I just eat all this tasty food in my dreams.
I researched this a little today and it turns out that this is also a common phenomenon for those folks going through rehab for drugs/alcohol. Except they have dreams about using, drinking, etc. From what I could tell from my findings, this is pretty much par for the course...this food addiction is tough....

Will these food dreams stop happening once I start on soft foods?

Tomorrow's my weigh in day...here's hoping for a successful weigh in!


  1. I wish you a successful weigh-in. I sometimes have dreams about my father and I just love those dreams because I feel like I've been given the precious gift of spending a few moments with him once again, though he's been gone for 33 years. Two nights ago I dreamed of my sweet stinky baby Fletch (black lab) who I lost in December and I woke up smiling from the dream where Fletch was just hanging with me - it's the first time since he died that I have felt a bit of contentment about his passing. So, think of dreams as a gift - a way to kind of have something that you really can't have.

  2. Naan is yummy!!!! Sounds like a good dream to me! Good Luck with your weigh in!

  3. I'm having dreams about food too and I haven't even had the Surgery yet! I have been on the Pre-Op diet for 2 wks & my Surgery is next week. I sure hope that the infamous "bandster hell" holds off at 3 wks for me too!